Coming back home

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"Al are you packed up?" Zayn asked "yeah i am done" i said "i dont want to leave" he said "same here" i said "i have college and its early in the morning" i pouted "sucks for you i have work around 9" he said "i have my classes around 7 and i will come back around 12" i said "not bad" he said "i hate waking up early" i said "i understand but you gotta finish your studies" he said in a serious tone "i know i will" i said

"Zayn stop smoking its really bad for you" i said "i am trying jaan but its hard" he said "your family needs you, your friends need you and most importantly i need you" i said he smiled "acting all wifey huh?" he said playfully i laughed "i am your wife so i have to take care of you" i said he nodded "okay i will quit" he said and wrapped his arms around me "come on our flight time is here" he said

"Wake up" i whispered to Zayn he didnt move "Zaynie wake up" i said he opened his eyes "we are here" i said we got our stuff and went to the arrival area we saw Zayn's parents, my parents, Zayn's relatives, my relatives, Zayn's siblings and my siblings Safaa, Aliyah and Jawaad came running to us and attacked us in a tight hug i laughed "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH" Aliyah screamed "i missed you more doll" i said and kissed her cheek Zayn's mom hugged me "welcome back my dear" she said "thanks auntie" i said and smiled "now you can call me mom" she said i nodded and smiled my mom gave me a hug and everyone hugged us "Fatima bhabhi" i yelled and hugged her

We all went Zayn's house we got home and i sat on the couch "Aleezay beta go change Zayn show Aleezay your room" Yaser uncle said i mean dad man do i need to get use to this "yes dad" he said we got our stuff and took it our room "Welcome to Zayn's Room" he announced in a funny voice i bursted out laughing "your room just describes you" i said he smiled "now go change you look really tired" he said i nodded

I woke up with Zayn beside me i checked the time it was 3:00 pm and i fell asleep around 4 am "Zayn wake up" i whispered "Al leave me alone" he said annoyed i sighed and got up i went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth i changed into jeans and a floral shirt i did some makeup and made my dark brown hair into a fishtail braid

"Good morning bhabhi" Waliyha said "good morning Wali" i said she smiled "you look so pretty" she said "thanks love you too" i said we ate breakfast together and talked about random things "omg i love talking to you its so fun Doniya is usually busy with her homework Safaa is annoying and Zayn is always at work but i am so thankful your here" she said i chuckled "your so cute" i said and she smiled i drank the orange juice "are you gonna stay here or move out?" She asked "to be honest i don't know i havent discuss that about topic with Zayn yet " i said she nodded "you should stay" she said "i would love to stay i have no problem but its up to Zayn" i said "your so nice to your husband" she said i laughed

"Baji i miss you" Aliyah frowned "i miss you more pumkin" i said "Jawaad is being mean" she said "Jawaad be nice to her please" i said "shes annoying me" he said i smiled a little "when are you coming over?" Aliyah asked "maybe tomorrow" i said "really? omg please come!" she screamed in excitement i chuckled "i will try hun" i said she nodded "momma is calling me i have to go" she said "okay bye cutie see you tomorrow hopefully" i said and blew a kiss "bye love you" she said and blew a kiss back "love you too" i said she smiled big and i smiled back and hung up "who was that?" Zayn asked "Aliyah and Jawaad" i said he nodded "Zayn do you wanna live here or move out?" i asked "move out" he said "why?" i asked "we need privacy Al" he said "i am not use to live alone" i whined "baby you wont be alone i am gonna be there" he said "But Zayn" i said "Al seriously i am not gonna live here" he said and left

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