Chapter One

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Here you go! Someone on Twitter asked for me to write this and when I saw the image I wanted too. IF I get enough feedback and people want me to continue I will! Hope it's okay!HERES THE IMAGE AND CREDIT GOES TO THE PERSON WHO MADE IT



Finn’s POV

I walked into the room and instance felt the explosion inside my chest. The oxygen was completely taken away and replaced by white smoke and noise that was polluted from music system currently being run by some tall men. My eyes voluntary glare around the room, I see people sat at booths, all enjoying whichever girl they have been given to entertain them for the selected time they paid for. I didn’t come here by choice; I was forced by my boss after a week full of tedious meetings about budgets and what not and found myself being drawn into the highest rated strip club in NYC. I didn’t dare stare too deeply at anyone in particular, I didn’t want to appear like these guys I’m surrounded by. I planned to go for about an hour then complain I have an headache because of the all of the paperwork and stuffy rooms we’d been confined in and then I would make a break for it and order a pizza on the way back and go back to what I considered a normal night in.

I tailed at the back of line as my fellow colleagues walked ahead of me, they were being waited on by some female in practically no clothing, enough to give her dignity. She seated us in the best seat in the house I heard Mark whisper to me as she we all sat down. I made it a mission to sit at the end of the table so I could quickly exit and not get stuck in by the other guys. Derek, my boss handed us all beers, I couldn’t help but down the drink quickly. This wasn’t something I’d normally do but I needed the extra confidence boost to allow me to sit and watch what was I was about too. Don’t get me wrong woman are beautiful and sexy but when they’re only performing to me and their with me alone. Here it feels different. It likes taking the entire “hotness” out of the equation and filling it with horny middle-aged men who are stuck in unhappy marriages and young girls who needed money who are desperate enough to dance sexually in front of men old enough to be their dads.

I talk casually about things other than work with my colleagues and try to avoid eye contact with the girls who came practically bouncing onto our laps handing us shots of god knows what. My boss had already said tonight was on him and I witnessed my friends take full advantage of that, including the girls who seemed to play along with their teases and try cling onto us like we’re their poles dotted around the room.

That’s when the lights began to dim, I noticed because it took me a few seconds to adjust to sudden darkness around me. I looked up to where there was a small stage, we had been of course sat right directly opposite it and were close enough to see in full detail. I now understood why this was the best seats in the club. I heard the footstep of heels tapping against the hard flooring above me, the clicking sent the hairs on my arms to electrify and contract against my skin.

I could make out only her silhouette in all the smoke that was beginning to rise up further into the air. As the music began to play I heard her voice for the first time.

I think I did it again

The beauty of her voice captivated me. She had such an unusual tone. It made me want more.

I made you believe, we’re more than just friends.


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