𝚏 𝚘 𝚞 𝚛

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as soon as i open my eyes, a memory about jonghyun knocking on my door flashed on my mind. i instantly sat up.

" jjong?! where are you?! " i screamed.

when i open the door of my room, i saw him.

" jjong! " i instantly hugged him. he hugged me back.


we were sitting on a sofa in my living room.

after a few minutes letting my tears came out on his shoulder, i stopped and wiped away my tears.

" it's not true that you commited suicide right? " i said making him looked like hesitating. he was about to talk but i cutted him off.

" aish what am i talking, you're here. of course you didn't. silly me " i laugh slightly and hugged him again.

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