I fell in love with my stepbrother and I have a boyfriend

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I fell in love with my stepbrother & I have a boyfriend - Part 1

"So here is your bedroom, its next to Jamie's." My mom says to the guy leaning on the door with his arms over his chest. His chocolate brown eyes, and light brown hair are so cute, his name is Jake, how cute is that name!? I can't belive my mom got married, and the guys is actually, well, hot !! I really like him. But, I dont think my boyfriend would be happy with that at all.

"So if I need anything, ill just go to Jameie's room?" He said lifting his gorgeous eyebrow.

"Yep." She said popping the "p". Oh, my mom. I love her, she's like my bestfriend, not that I dont have friends in school, because I do. But I trust her, I come to her for advice. We dont talk about boys. Good thing. How weird would it be to talk about boys, with your mom ? VERY WEIRD.

Mike (my moms new husband) come up the stairs smiling, then plants one right on my mothers lips. Its passionate- and long.

"Uhm mom !?" I scream

"Uhm dad !?" Screams Jake.

"YUCK!!" We both say at the same time. As we grab our bookbags to head to school. My boyfriend is picking us up to give us a ride for school. Oh, yeah, my boyfriend. Well, he has dirty blonde hair, green eyes and THE CUTEST SMILE ! He's so.... so , sexy . I know, I said sexy. Only saying the truth here.

Anyways, I some how always space out.Ok, so Jake and I get to the front of our small but comfterable house.

"Hey beautiful !" Says my boyfriend Devon.

"Uhm, hey." I say as I look at Jakes face. He looked.. Mad ? We get in the car. I get in the passenger seat and Jake in the back. Devon leans in and his soft lips connect to mines sending fireworks to my brain. I swear, if he keeps doing that, my brain will explode. Jake coughs.

" Oh yea, baby, this is Jake, Jake this is Bab- I mean D--Devon." I said wiith a pointing gesture towards eachother.The both shake hands. And, just stare at eatchother ? A angry glare crosses between both of their faces. What is going on today ?!

" Nice to meet you." Jake finally says.

"Mmhhhmphh." Is all Devon said, as he put his car in "drive" and took off to school. Ahh school. High School. Really it sucks. Like every school, there is the "Populars" with the snotty stuck up girls. That only talk to eatchother, and the football team (where my boyfriend gladly plays, as a quater back.) Then there are the "Popular wanna be's" Where they follow the little popular creew around and act exacly as they do. "Geeks" "Nerds" "Emo" ect. at lunch time, I only sit with my boyfriend and some friends that may be acceptable. Well you get the point. Typical high school, right ? WRONG ! This high school, has NO teachers. Well, just kidding, I wish it didnt though.

"Were here." Says Devon as he pulls up infront of the school.

" Thanks for the ride !" Says Jake as he runs out of the car and waits for me.

"I'll give you a tour of the school." I say getting out of the car.

"Noooo, ill do it. You just go to class."

" No, really Devon. I'll do it. He's MY stepbrother." I say. Though, it doesnt really matter if he's my stepbrother. We arent genetacly related. Im glad. No, Jamie, calm down. He's your stepbrother. Nothing could happen unless his dad and my mom split up.Wich I dont think will happen seeing how happy they look together.If only...-

"FINE!" Devon says angrily as he brings me out of my day dream.

" Why are you so mad for?" I say screaming and with attitude. As people start circling around us.

" Just dont let HIM, ruin US !" He said pointing at Jake.

"Uhm, What the fuck are you talking about." I scream as he turns away and leaves.

" You figure it out !" He shouts back. What does he mean 'Ruin us' ? Jake wont ruin us. He's my stepbrother, nothing more. I have NO feelings for him. I think.

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