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Eva was shaking.

The elevator had reached its destination but the doors remained closed. She noticed that a button on the panel was flashing on and off. "Emergency," it read.

There was no doubt in her mind that security was behind this.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please make your way out of the first floor of the building, this is not a drill. Once again, everyone on the first floor is being asked to exit immediately." Eva heard the announcement echoing throughout the building.

She decided it was best to get the hell out of the metal coffin. She started to feel like a caged animal. Her nerves had been a haywire all day and she was now involved in this second mess. All she wanted was to get home.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand and licked her lips as she whipped her head around in search of an exit.

Soon enough, she spotted a small door on the ceiling that she could fit through. She got off the floor and placed a foot on a bar that was attached to the back of the elevator.

She stood up and maintained her balance by resting her palm on the roof. Her other hand worked on pushing the small door open. She realized the door wouldn't be opening anytime soon due to her lack of strength.

The sound of another bang startled her. She forgot about the task at hand and looked at the doors which were now slowly but surely opening.

Eva's mouth widened and she let out a startled cry when she spotted a familiar set of green eyes looking at her through the widening gap.

Adrian fully pushed the doors aside and looked down at his mate, noting how she looked like a frightened mouse.

He supposed he could have gotten Evan to mechanically open the doors, but he didn't want to spend another second away from her.

"Come here," he ordered calmly. He itched to reach out and grab her but his arms were busy keeping the doors open.

The man's voice snapped her out of her trance. Eva looked down as she climbed off the bar, feeling ashamed of what was about to happen. She was surely going to get arrested. She had lied and ran away from the security guards. They probably thought she was a thief.

She wondered again if Lana had anything to do with this. Was she trying to humiliate her? Was the check a joke?

Once she was standing again, she took a couple of steps forward. She was unable to meet the gaze of the green-eyed beauty. She looked at his bicep and then quickly looked away out of shyness when she noticed the bulging muscles.

Those arms could very well strangle her to death... or wrap around her waist as she wrapped her legs around his-

Woah. This is NOT the time to have some crazed teenage daydreams.

She bit her tongue. She hadn't gotten a thought like that in a while. Then again, she hadn't been near a man like this in a while either.

She took a couple of more skeptical steps forward and ducked under his arm to get out of the elevator.

Once outside, she inhaled, feeling appreciative of the fresh air.

The sound of the elevator doors slamming closed followed her exhale. She glanced at green eyes and noticed that he lost the suit jacket and his shirt was much more wrinkled.

She felt ashamed. She had caused so much trouble. She knew shouldn't have run but the three tall and intimidating men had terrified her.

"I'm going to need you to come with me," he rumbled out.

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