In a world dominated by men: Living a girl

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       Growing up I've always been told what to I had to wear, act like, and look like, because that's a lady-like thing apparently. Around the age of 7 I got tired of it and proved that I could do as much as a man could. I dressed how I liked, often hoodies and comfortable clothes, acted how I liked and made friends with who I liked and also participated in the activities I liked. So since that point anyone that knows me knows to not underestimate me. Growing up with me proven to be equal to males has made life a whole lot easier but not so much for my friends.

        The only difficulties I've had of being a girl are very small, I don't let anyone define who I am that's MY job, not someone else's. People have often attempted to control me or how I feel. Although to their surprise I'm not so easy to control. Also, for people who just meet me they might just think of me as a little innocent everyday girl but, no, I'm not like any ordinary person out there. If I've learned something in this world, its that for this world being a girl and loving yourself is the worst kind of rebellion. And that's one I'm willing to support.

        Although my 2 friends in robotics with me still have difficulties. One day in practice, a Monday I think, I was talking to my teammates Paul and Isaac, yes I'm the only girl in my team, and we heard my friends' team discussing something. We decided to see what was happening so we went over to their group. Then Paul asked " Hey, what's all that yelling about?". Then my friend Dayanara, told ur they were arguing about who was team captain. They said that when they voted Dayanara was elected team captain. So then Garreth  had told our teacher that he was team captain. Then my team asked if they had told the coach. The answered "no". Paul immediately called our coach over to tell him about the situation. Once we told  our coach, he told my team to go back to work while he talked to the other team. After class I went up to Dayanara and Ashlee like usual. And so I asked what had our coach said. Then as they told me they said that he had had a chat with Garreth but nothing had changed.

      After that moment I started to look at a lot of stuff differently. Like equality and the words people use to describe others with. These words didn't even have to be offensive in the first place but could cause a problem. I also realized the way women were treated more. Like the fact that men had always been superior. And somehow this is still a problem today. Finally women have gone up in the scale of humanity if you will. But people still know more male figures than female. you could go up to someone any ordinary person and ask if they knew who Elizabeth Blackwell, first female doctor in the United States, was and they'd probably wouldn't know. Although if u were to ask who was Nelson Mandela they would probably answer in a flash. But now-a-day more and more people are become feminists. Now let me explain this term correctly in my own words. A feminist is a person either female or male who believes women are EQUAL to men. I decided to define this term because a lot of people believe it is believing that women are GREATER than men. I'm very proud to say that we may be close to finally accepting that every human being either man or woman Black, White, Mixed, Latin, ect. we are and will forever be equal. Also this is a major change. And I'm proud to be a part of that change!

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