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The original title of my second Fred and George book was THE VALIANCE OF THE ALCHEMIST. That changed once the series grew and I realized that their second year at Hogwarts was about much more than the twins meeting and interacting with this dynamic character.

The content of what you're about to read was originally a chapter within that book — an eight thousand word deviation entitled The Tale of the Gallant Sorcerer. You'll discover, as I start to release the second book, that it still has a place within the narrative. There's a moment when Fred and George have an opportunity to understand the character of Nicolas Flamel, and I devote a little time to an intimate first-person account of his history.

Abbreviated, of course. I mean, he's over six hundred years old.

This spinoff, for lack of a better term, relates to the content of book 2 but can be read separately. There are no spoilers within the text of this story that would affect your enjoyment of TOILERS OF TROUBLE (1) or ELIXIR OF LIFE (2). And since the history of Nicolas Flamel always felt a little too separated from the pacing of my second novel, I thought "Hey, why not give it to my followers as a gift for being super patient with me as I complete my edit of ELIXIR!"

Out of all the characters I've ever imagined, Flamel is by far my favorite. It goes without saying that I had mixed emotions upon hearing that he would be a character in the next Fantastic Beasts movie. Because (to me) he is already a well-defined figure in FG-Canon (my Fred and George fanfic). It would be like someone coming up with a new Hagrid before Rowling could ever reveal her version to anyone. I developed the character of Flamel in the fall of 2002. He's really one of the first major characters I created as a writer, beyond canon.

Yes, he is canon in terms of Philosopher's / Sorcerer's Stone, but he was never more than a factoid. He didn't have life. I gave him life. And for that reason, I have a special place in my heart for him.

I hope you enjoy this little tale. It's quite an adventure, weaving nimbly through existing Harry Potter lore. Thanks for playing along with the clues leading up to Christmas. I hope it wasn't too infuriating. haha. It will all make sense by the end of this reading.

And while there are moments within this mini-story that relate to the first book of Fred and George, there are storylines and plot points for the entire series to come. So, if you enjoy what you read, it should give you hope and excitement for books 2-7!

Here is the story of Nicolas Flamel.

- M. (The Boy Who Wrote)

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