Chapter 2

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A/N- well here's chapter 2, enjoy (:


Kate held Brayden's hand as she led him to the table where Rick sat waiting for them. She got him situated with his ice cream, then sat herself. "Rick, I can't thank you enough for bringing Brayden back to me." Kate said glancing at him.

"Kate, like I said, it wasn't a problem. I have a daughter his age."

"Yeah, well it just surprised me that he went with you instead of running. He's kinda of shy around men, especially when they're bigger." Kate said grabbing a while from her bag to clean Brayden's face of ice cream.

"Are you calling me fat?" Rick asked chucking.

"No, I'm not implying that, Rick I meant that you were-"

"It's ok, I know what you meant, I was teasing." When he saw Kate relax, he continued. "But he probably went with me because I signed to him."

"Probably, when we're out in public, he feels left out often because only my family can sign, along with his baseball coach and his best friend, but that's about it." Kate said glancing at Brayden, kissing his head.

"Kate," Rick said taking the last bite of his cone, "of you don't mind me asking, what is a beautiful, young women like you doing with a ring on her left finger?"

"Oh," Kate said finishing hers, "well, Brayden's father left when he was young and I've hadn't had a relationship serious enough for them to meet Brayden, that's probably why he has a trust issue, and my job doesn't like to agree with my plans." She said smoothly.

"What's your line of work?"

"I'm a homicide detective at the 12th." Kate said helping Brayden with his dripping ice cream. When she was done tending to him, she looked straight at him. "My turn writer boy, what's such a handsome man like you doing without some blonde model hanging off his arm."

"Ouch detective, you wound me." He smirked, "well same reason as you. I haven't really had any serious relationships, and they've never gotten far enough to need my daughter, she's my world and she gets attached easily."

Kate nodded and Brayden tugged at her sleeve, "I'm done momma," he said and glanced at Rick quickly.

"Good job bud, don't worry, we're leaving soon." She said ruffling his hair sensing he was getting tired.

Rick watched as Kate talked with her son and he really loved how dedicated she was to him. "Hey, Kate, I think bray is getting tired." Rick noticed when Brayden snuggled into her side.

"Yeah, we should get going, sorry to cut this short." Kate said looking at Brayden. He was already nodding off against her.

"It's alright, looks like he's already sleeping." Rick smiled and stood up. He grabbed her bag off the the floor and saw her struggling to carry her son, "hey, I could u, carry him for you. It's probably a long walk."

Kate pondered his for a minuet then accepted knowing she wouldn't be able to carry him. "Thank you Rick, your really amazing." She said grabbing her bag and holding the door open for him. Brayden was out and nothing but dead weight.

"No problem, Kate, lead the way." When they got to he car Rick set bray in his car seat and Kate got him buckled.

When she was done she turned to him, "Rick, thank you really, what you did today, it really means a lot."

"Don't Kate, I did it because I knew if that was Alexis, I would want somebody to do the same. Make sure you tell Brayden I said bye after he wakes" He paused then continued, "Kate, I feel like that our time was really cut short, soo," he pulled out his wallet and grabbed a card. "Here's my number, give me a call?"

Kate smiled and accepted the card. "I most certainly will, thank you. And I'll tell Brayden." She blushed a bit and he leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Have a good night detective." He said and opened her car door for her, what a gentleman. Kate got in and he shut the door and smiled at her once before he turned and walked to his car, glancing back to her her pulling out of her parking space and he silently prayed that she would give him a call.


Kate tried to dig her keys out of her pocket and hold a sleepy Brayden in her arms at the same time. It wasn't working, at all. She just about had them and she dropped them on the floor. Kate cursed herself and then heard the door open. Mr. Jacobs came walking out, "Katherine, what in gods name are you doing?" The elder man approached her grabbing her keys.

"I'm trying to balance a sleeping kid whole opening my door. It's not working too well." She chucked slightly as the elder opened her door for her. Mr. Jacobs was older about her fathers age.

"You know to knock on my door when ever you need help." He said letting her in then grabbed her keys to put them on her table she had by the door.

"I know, I thought I had it, but thank you mr. Jacobs." Kate said dropping her bag.

"No problem, sweetie, now get that little fella to bed." Mr. Jacobs waved at them then shut her door.

Kate walked through her apartment and got to Brayden's room. She changed him it to his pjs and he started to wake. "Momma, are we home?" He signed, sleepily.

"Yes, baby, we are and Rick said bye but you were already sleeping." She signed laying him down, "but we'll talk tomorrow, bub, I love you. Sleep good, baby."

"I love you too, momma." He barley signed before he fell asleep again and Kate kissed his forehead pulling up the covers to his chin. Kate turned on his night light before exiting, cracking his door and then went to the kitchen to get a glass of wine. After getting her wine, she went into her bathroom and started her bath, wanting to soak. She wanted to call Rick but she vowed to wait a day or two, he was a very nice and sweet man, very caring towards Brayden. Kate liked that about him, and his smile, wait.. What? Kate shook herself out of it, she had just the man for god sakes. She finally cleared her mind and got settled into the tub.


Rick got into his loft and was greeted by a four year old crashing into his legs. "Hi pumpkin, how was your time with gram?"

"Yeah, daddy, but I'm tired." Rick smiled and picked up Alexis with ease.

"Hi, mother." He said kissing her cheek."

"Richard, Alexis was very good as always, but now I'm out, see you, loves, in the morning." She kissed Alexis' cheek then was out.

"Ready to go to bed pumpkin?" Alexis nodded and Rick carried her up the stairs. "Alright, sweetie, it's late, so no story tonight, I love you and sweet dreams."

"Awe but daddy," Alexis pouted.

"I promise lex, tomorrow we will read, pinkie promise." He held out his pinkie and they pinkie promised then he tucked her in. Rick kissed her forehead and shut out her light, "I love you."

"Love you too daddy." She said and turned on her side. Rick turned on her night light and cracked her door shut, then went to the kitchen to get a drink. He really hoped Kate was going to call him. He really liked her and saw something in her that a lot of women didn't have. Maybe it was her ability to handle being a single mother to a child who needed extra care. She was truly amazing, wait.. What? Rick shook himself out of his, he has only known her what.. Three hours, less? He took his glass of water to his bedroom and got ready to bed.


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