The Night of Always by Swiftie41319
The Night of Alwaysby KBArianator41319
What would've happened if Beckett had gotten pregnant the night of always?
  • caskett
What Meets the Eye // A Castle Fanfic  by _bernards_
What Meets the Eye // A Castle Honey <3
11 year-old Cleo Moser's life was bad, even before she witnessed the murder of a man she didn't even know, escaping with only a gunshot wound. After the incident, she ha...
  • tvshow
  • nyc
  • cleomoser
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The Surprise Baby by Shipper102002
The Surprise Babyby Shipper102002
While Castle is away on Tour and Martha is away with friends, Beckett learns something that could change their lives for the good.
  • kate
  • baby
  • surprise
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Forever and Always❤️- A Caskett Story by Caskett999
Forever and Always❤️- A Caskett Caskett forever and ALWAYS
Just after Caskett get back from their honeymoon Castle goes to a booksingning tour and Beckett finds about something that doesn't fit her backstory very well.
  • nathan
  • romantic
  • beckett
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Mason's Life Condition by KittyKat3715
Mason's Life Conditionby Caskett4ever07
Mason Beckett-Castle is 1day old and he is the oldest caskett child. He has a horrible condition too. he has Trisomy 18 aka Edwards Syndrome. What happens to little Maso...
  • love
  • castle
  • trisomy18
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Always x by Shipper102002
Always xby Shipper102002
A collection of Caskett one shots!! Enjoy xxx
  • fluff
  • romance
  • caskett
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Universi Paralleli by Unidui_Manu
Universi Paralleliby Manu
Mi piaceva indagare sull'Universo parallelo trovato da Castle nella 7x06. "Quando lo aveva visto cadere a terra con due proiettili conficcati nel petto, colpi des...
  • romantico
  • beckett
  • castle
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We Stuck Together by EmmmyBeans
We Stuck Togetherby EmmmyBeans
When Castle and Beckett pretend to be separated, Beckett gets pregnant and is worried she won't catch loksat in time before Esposito and Ryan find out. Castle Fanfiction...
  • beckett
  • baby
  • dr
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Alone by Swiftie41319
Aloneby KBArianator41319
It wasn't supposed to happen like this. If she knew this would've happened she would've never agreed to it.
  • always
  • caskett
  • tradgedy
All Of Me by Swiftie41319
All Of Meby KBArianator41319
Sequel to Over And Over Again. Castle and Beckett just got engaged, now it's time to plan the wedding and have the most perfect honeymoon.
  • caskett
  • overandoveragain
  • sequel
Finally, Love by KittyKat3715
Finally, Loveby Caskett4ever07
Kate Beckett is in a relationship with a guy called William Sorenson and she's pregnant with his child. She's so happy to finally have a baby. But she soon realises that...
  • love
  • happiness
  • friendship
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A Family Affair by cbeeler15
A Family Affairby cbeeler15
A continuation of Mirror Image...a year and a half later....I highly suggest reading that before this
  • castle
  • beckett
  • family
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What if? by schristine18
What if?by Schristine18
What if Johanna Beckett hadn't died that night? What if she lived? What if the person who saved her was Richard Castle, the novelist himself? How would that affect ever...
  • mystery
  • drama
  • fanfiction
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Surprise Vacation by LololovaX
Surprise Vacationby LololovaX
She had wanted to stomp off. To just walk out the office and slam the door behind her in protest. But she didn't. She wasn't a child! Not like the nine-year-old on a sug...
  • rickcastle
  • caskett
  • castle
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Where We Left Off by Castle_Coffee3
Where We Left Offby Castle_Coffee3
Where Castle and Beckett left off after their night out... A bit of a sequel to my one-shot "The Night of Our Lives"! If you haven't read that one, I would sug...
  • caskett
  • castle
  • katebeckett
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I need you always   by Donicaxdd
I need you always by Donicaxdd
Caskett fanfiction. My vision of season 9. I'm not a native English speaker so there could be some mistakes. If you will notice one show me where and I will change it.
  • rick
  • richard
  • katebeckett
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Caskett, Densi, Tiva (Completed) by densi_fangirl
Caskett, Densi, Tiva (Completed)by Densi_fangirl
This is a story on the relationships of Densi, Tiva and Casket. how their love story begins. I think all Caskett Densi
  • tiva
  • neric
  • caskett
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Lost and Found (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Lost and Found (A Castle stana_lover
Katherine Beckett's life completely shattered before her when her mother was brutally slain in an alley way when Kate was nineteen. Two months later, her father has been...
  • castle
  • angst
  • kate
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The Guessing Game (A Caskett Story) by caskettfanfiction
The Guessing Game (A Caskett Story)by Caskett Fanfiction
*edited* Rick and Kate just got back from their honeymoon and decide to start a family (basically what this whole fic is about...). Read more on 'The Guessing Game'...
  • rickcastle
  • romance
  • caskettmarried
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The Time of Our Lives by mocrig
The Time of Our Livesby Morgan Crigger
This story takes place in the middle of season six of ABC's Castle. Kate Beckett, Rick Castle's fiance, has just found out that she is pregnant with her fiance's baby...
  • pregnancy
  • katherine
  • romance
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