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Castle: Their Story 1 by KatherineHoughton
Castle: Their Story 1by DreamGirl47
Castle and Beckett are getting married, after the wedding comes the honey moon, and after the honey moon Castle, Beckett, Alexis and Martha went to filipines for a week...
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We Stuck Together by EmmmyBeans
We Stuck Togetherby EmmmyBeans
When Castle and Beckett pretend to be separated, Beckett gets pregnant and is worried she won't catch loksat in time before Esposito and Ryan find out. Castle Fanfiction...
  • separated
  • livingstone
  • detectives
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Caskett College Love  by PJDavis18
Caskett College Love by Pj Davis
My first Caskett story you can thank @KittyKat3715 for getting me to write a caskett story
  • love
  • castle
  • kate
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Mini Me ( ON HOLD ) by Mattie_andWill
Mini Me ( ON HOLD )by Mattie_andWill
Beckett knows how it feels to lose a parent . So she will do everything in her power to make sure that the person who killed Maddie's parents pay . The poor girl has no...
  • caskett
  • fanfiction
  • castle
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Our Little One by castlememories
Our Little Oneby castlememories
Rick and Kate find out that they are going to have a baby after they have been shot by Caleb.
  • beckett
  • katebeckett
  • pregnancy
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Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITED by densi_fangirl
Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITEDby Densi_fangirl
Kensi's teenage daughter goes missing and its up to the team to bring her home safe How will deeks and the team react when they find out that kensi's a mother? Will they...
  • sallen
  • kylieblye
  • neric
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Lost and Found (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Lost and Found (A Castle stana_lover
Katherine Beckett's life completely shattered before her when her mother was brutally slain in an alley way when Kate was nineteen. Two months later, her father has been...
  • castle
  • beckett
  • alcoholism
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All Of Me by Swiftie41319
All Of Meby KBArianator41319
Sequel to Over And Over Again. Castle and Beckett just got engaged, now it's time to plan the wedding and have the most perfect honeymoon.
  • caskett
  • overandoveragain
  • sequel
What if we kissed? by Caskett999
What if we kissed?by Caskett forever and ALWAYS
It's right after shooting the last episode of season four when Nathan does something that could change his and Stanas life forever.
  • stanathan
  • happy
  • family
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3 Words by castlefanfics_4u
3 Wordsby Love Castle Always
I looked down at the test that way laying down on the bathroom counter.I couldn't believe this was happing..I am pregnant. I remember right before you thrusted in for th...
  • richard
  • kevin
  • affair
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I Don't Know...  by iLoveB_Murray
I Don't Know... by Karla Murray Hyrníková
There's a bit of Castle's Ryan and Esposito an One Direction. Also you can find something about Brendan Murray❤️
  • brendie
  • liam
  • fanfic
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unwritten words | castle one-shots by vikikatic
unwritten words | castle one-shotsby ♡ viki ♡
short stories about my favourite detective and her favourite writer. may update once in a while. Prompts are at the beginning of the shots.
  • castletv
  • oneshots
  • castle
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It all started with the book signing by Emily_F_Blake
It all started with the book Emily F. Blake
CASKETT FANFICTION In the farytales every princess got problem, like " my love is in the body of a frog" or " hey, my love is cursed and now she's sleepin...
  • rick
  • rickcastle
  • kate
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Stana's Secret ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
Stana's Secret ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Stana Katic has a secret. She had a daughter Tahlia who lived in another country. What happens when she moves in? Written kinda in a diary type mainly from Tahlia's pov...
  • castle
  • secret
  • stanathan
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Why Did You Leave Me? by _tbhziam
Why Did You Leave Me?by maddie
"Kate..." "I'm fine. I just never thought I'd see him again." Kate walked into the hospital room and gently placed her hands onto Richard's left one...
  • 6x23
  • caskett
  • beckett
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Empty Bed (Castle One Shot) by LololovaX
Empty Bed (Castle One Shot)by LololovaX
Kate Beckett wakes up to an empty bed. As she she realizes her husband isn't in the bed she decides to go look for him. This is a one shot about Kate Beckett and Richard...
  • caskett
  • richardcastle
  • katecastle
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Castle One Shots by ShadowDragonRider
Castle One Shotsby Mackenzie Johnston
So I have been watching Castle for awhile now and well I've gotten ideas from the show, so I will be writing my stories, some of them are love stories others are murder...
  • detectiveesposito
  • esposito
  • caskett
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Lust or love? by Castle_lover2468
Lust or love?by Alex
A castle fanfic about a savy nypd detective who falls in love with a murderer. Who I this intrepid creature you ask? Richard Castle, nee you're times best seller, oh and...
  • caskett
  • castle