Chapter Fourteen ~ Awkward Turtle

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Chapter Fourteen ~ Awkward Turtle

Ava Chance.

"Eve and Curtis Chance."

Their headstones were freshly cleaned off with their names boldly standing out. Flowers surrounded them as well as a few lanterns, most of which from me.

I was sure other soldiers had visited their graves, payed their respects, and left.

But that was the thing I envied about them: they got to leave. They got to see their families and friends.

They got to live.

So why couldn't my parents live? What did they do wrong? They always went to church, they were nice to everyone, and never ever disrespected someone.

Once they died, I lost all faith in God, stopped going to church, praying, and overall stopped caring.

A stray tear dropped down my cheek as I read their headstones over and over again.

Loving Mother and Father.

Loving didn't seem like enough, nowhere near what they were. Loving couldn't explain a person in one word; let alone them. They were far more extraordinary, far more marvellous, and far more unbelievable.

Unbelievable. That's what they were because if you hadn't seen them or met them you would have never believed that they were that great. They were something you dreamed about in a perfect dream, parents authors wrote about, someone who's legacy and self deserved to live on.

My grandma had already finished with paying her respects and was now giving me a moment alone with my dead parents.

But when she always left me alone, I always got lost in my own thoughts.

"I wish I could have at least said goodbye," I sighed, sitting cross-legged in the grass. "I wish you guys were still here."

It always took a little push or courage to get talking to them again, but once I started I couldn't stop.

"Today we had a ceremony...for all the soldiers."

I looked up into the sun, squinting my eyes.

"You would've loved it Ma, I can see you now," I laughed. "Taking pictures from the moment Dad stepped foot in; you probably wouldn't even say hi to Dad, just take pictures."

I started pulling at the grass from the ground, not wanting to cry.

"I'm still wearing your jacket, Dad. I remember when I used to always steal it." Weakly, a smile came on. "You're probably scowling right now."

"I'm still playing volleyball, your favorite sport Ma." I pulled at my sleeves wiping under my eyes. "Although, I feel like you only said that 'cause I played it."

"But that's what unbelievable parents do."

I smiled.

"There's this boy." I laughed at myself, suddenly being shy and awkward.

"And I know Dad. 'Oh no! You're too young!'" I laughed, imitating his voice.

"But I'm almost eighteen." Just saying those words made me feel sick. "His name is Cooper."

"Nicest guy I ever met. He's funny."

"He's also decently good looking." I laughed to myself. "Grandma doesn't really like him too much, but he's growing on her. I think maybe just maybe, I might-"

"Ava honey, it's time to go!"

"Oh poop." I stood up and wiped my jeans. "I've got to go; maybe I'll scare Dad pant-less another time."

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