Bonus Chapter

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Ava Chance

Weeks later

"Today we take a new step in our journey of life." Milo said somewhere throughout his speech while speaking with pure confidence and keen intelligence. "Today we are all part of a new generation, a generation that will go on to do amazing... amazing things." Milo paused, making his speech so much more powerful.

"I'm sure some of us don't even know what we're going to do yet with our lives and maybe some of us have the whole plan thought out not missing a single detail." Milo sighed. "But nobody knows if any of our plans or goals are even going to happen- we don't know what is going to happen in the next ten years. We don't know how many bumps we are going face or how many things we will have to overcome."

"But what I do know, is that no matter how many things we go through we can always, always turn things around and do amazing things with our life's, whether your definition of amazing is having a steady job or discovering new life; we are capable of it all."

"Please remember what I'm saying right here right now and take time to think about it because maybe five or ten years from now it could really make a difference in how you see the world. Things might not go how you've planned and things might get really scary for yourself, but I want you to remember your all important, your all a part of something and capable of doing great things but only you can decide what great things you will be a part of."

"Only your decisions have an impact on what you go on to do, nobody's opinions or judgement defines who you are or what you can do. Only what you do and what you think does." Milo stopped and scanned the audience, stopping on his parents. "Screw the people who think you're not good enough, who think you're, not smart enough, or don't support your decisions because it's not what they want."

"You need to do what makes you happy at the end of the day because you are capable of your own amazing and nobody can tell you otherwise."

"We are capable of it all class of 2015" Milo said ending his speech where he stood at the podium stationed on the center stage at our graduation.

The crowd erupted into a huge applause for Milo; some people even went as far as whistling. I was proud of his speech and knew he would do an amazing job but looking at his parents it seemed maybe the speech had a bit of a deeper meaning as they sat there flustered in their seats not bothering to clap.

"Pretty cheesy I'd say." Cooper said out of know where from behind my row of seats making me jump.

"Where were you, I thought you were going to miss graduation!" I yelled at Cooper over the clapping.

"The Kingsley boys had a few things to do before we got here." He winked before his eyes found Braxton stationed in a seat a few seats away from his. "All set towns." He said to Braxton as they shared a little knowing look.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Shh Ava, were about to start again." Cooper said, faking his attention to the stage.


"Now with great pleasure, I present to the stage, Avalon Chance." My principle said from the podium with the worst timing.

I pushed a smile, as I stood up from my chair but not too soon later I felt a pinch from my butt and turned to see Cooper with a cheeky grin.

"Go get'em tiger." Followed by a cheesy wink.

I rolled my eyes but never the less, continued my way towards the stage with index cards in hand.

My feet began getting quite shaky in my silver sparkle heels and at some point I feared I'd fall but I pushed myself towards the podium even with hands sweating more than I would in the Sahara desert and my legs shaking more than usual.

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