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5 years later

Madhu jogged to the end of the track and stops to take a breath. She tries to steady her breath as she bends down to relax. She hears RK's sound and looks up. He was done with his game and was walking towards her as he waved off a friend. Ever since they got married, they come to this club. With the amount RK eats, he needed all the exercise he could to stay in shape. They come early in the morning and he jogs with her for two rounds and then he joins his friends to play tennis or squash while she jogged around. She preferred jogging to any other work out. They do enough working out at night in bed for her to stay fit she didn't want to tire herself off with extra exercise. From here they would go home and RK would be famished by the time they get home. While she took a shower he would have his pre-breakfast meal. Then after shower he would have his breakfast. It's been 3 years since they got married, that is right he was financially ready to marry her a year before the time he had promised her father. 3 years, and his appetite still amazed her, both in and out of the bed she chuckles as she thought. Though they were way past the tear-your-clothes-of sex, they still had passion for each other. She was happy, very happy, so was he. They fit like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, even though they had moments of fights. When they fought they fought like crazy but when they make up, they get crazier.  

Life was good, so good. She loved him and he loved her back just as much as he loved his food, no more than that. Thinking of food, she laughs remembering how shocked her mother was when RK had food from their house the first time, he had put Trishna to shame! "What is so funny?" RK asks smiling happily seeing her laugh. "Was just thinking of Mama's reaction when she saw you eating the first time." she tells him as they started walking to the car. RK laughs remembering that. "Sultan had called. They have invited us for dinner." RK tells her. Madhu smiles excitedly. Sultan and Trishna had married the year before. After realizing the goof up, she had talked to Sultan properly, she found him immensely adorable and she feels he also likes her. He was a little goofy at times, but he loved Trishna like crazy. And Trishna also loved him like crazy, mainly his goofiness, stating that seeing people die and live every day, she needed his goofiness to retain her sanity. Right after their marriage, Trishna and Sultan had moved out wanting privacy. RK had begged her to move out into a separate apartment but she had refused. She knew as much as she loved him, there was a limit to how much she can cook. If she was managing her own home, she would die in the kitchen cooking for him. She realized how true her mother was, but then for him she was ready to do that, that didn't mean she had to jump at it.  

RK had started two more branches of his restaurant and all three were going successfully. She managed one while he juggled between two. Since the restaurant she managed was closer to home, she gets back earlier and helps mummyji and Patil cook. Once RK reaches home, he has his snacks before he heads to the gym. Once he is back, she would have his pre-dinner ready. Then she would be making his dinner, then post-dinner snacks and desert. Sometimes, he would want post-sex meal, but that luckily he himself would make. She turns to, "RK, tomorrow will you cook for me?" "Sure." RK smiles at her. He didn't cook that often now, but when he did, it would be always awesome. She loved the food he cooked.  

"It's been a while, shouldn't we take a trip?" RK asks her as he walked into their room. "Where to?" Madhu asks excitedly as she looked up from the bed. They had covered Europe, US and whole of India. "I am thinking Maldives." RK suggests. "Great." Madhu says excitedly. "We will work out the dates today evening." RK tells her. "Mummyji and Mama have started hinting about babies." Madhu tells him. "Babies!" RK says as he sits next to her. "Are we ready?" RK asks her. Madhu nods her head in excitement. "So, you want to try before the trip, during the trip or after the trip?" RK asks smiling. "You sure?" Madhu asks smiling. "I have been thinking about it for over a year now." RK tells her. "Really? Why didn't you tell me?" Madhu asks shocked. "I knew you would tell me when you were ready." "Boy or girl?" Madhu asks excitedly. "Does it matter?" RK asks. "No." Madhu says smiling. "As long they have my appetite for food, I will be happy." RK tells her grinning. "I will die." Madhu says dramatically as she falls back on the bed. RK falls on top of her and repeats what she had told her mother long back, "You will die happy." 


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