Chapter 1

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Hey hey! This story will only be a short story and was requested by @DanishaClark *waves hi* Once she told me her idea I was originally going to wait until I finished The Elementals but it got stuck in my mind and I HAD to write this naughty story down! Enjoy!

Chapter one:

It was done.

I finally divorced that son of a bitch and was free from his abuse. I twirled the engagement ring and wedding band that used to tie me to my abusive ex-husband and smiled when I finally felt that sense of freedom again. It had been a long time since I felt like this.

The divorce was finalised last week and I’d packed everything I had into my truck and began my journey to the other side of the country. Maria, my best friend since high school, had offered for me to stay with her until I got back on my feet and I jumped at the chance of leaving everything behind.

I’d been driving for days now, only stopping at the gas station to fill the car up or use the bathroom then I camped in the car by the side of the road while I slept. I was desperate for a comfy bed and decided to pull into the next hotel I came across.

A fancy hotel was the next hotel and once again I felt my luck rising. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a sexy stranger willing to give me a night of pleasure. I chuckled at the thought, that kind of thing only happened in movies.

I grabbed some bags, checked into a room and nearly moaned at the sight of the king sized four poster bed that was calling out my name. First things first, I needed a shower! I walked into the bathroom and instantly knew that a shower was out of the question when there was a giant bath tub and a basket full of assorted oils and bubbles.

I turned the silver taps full blast and soon enough steam was filling the bathroom. I poured in the oils and maybe a little too much bubbles but I didn’t care.

“Oh yes!” I murmured to myself as I lowered my naked body into the steaming hot water. The bubbles gently burst against my wet skin and my nipples puckered at the instant temperature difference.

The water came up to my neck and I bent my head back against the cold edge of the tub while I soaked my body and let my muscles relax. Sleeping in the car hasn’t been kind to my back! As I soaked I imagined all the wanton escapades I was free to experience now that I was no longer married to that bastard.

As I fantasised, my slowly glided my soft hands across my collarbone and lower to graze the top of my breasts. I circled my index finger around a taut nipple and pinched hard enough for both pleasure and pain to shoot through my body. I kneaded my breast while the other slid lower and lower. I was more than used to fulfilling my sexual desires and I’d always had a large sexual appetite.

“Mmmm” I moaned as I circled my throbbing clit. I imagined a man with big rough hands in place of my own. He’d kiss me neck and his fingers played and pinched with my bud before thrusting his thick fingers into my channel and pumping them in and out hitting my sensitive spot.

I cried out loud as my orgasm hit and I threw my head back in ecstasy. My climax sent shivers all through my body and I realised that I didn’t want to stay cooped inside a hotel room while I’m in a brand new city. I wanted to explore, to taste, to smell and experience what this new city has in store for me.

I stood up letting the still-hot water cascade down my naked body and grabbed the fluffy towel wrapping myself in it. I drained the water and walked over to my bags. I was going to check out what the city’s trendiest bar has to offer!

As I stood in the elevator I looked myself up and down in the mirrored walls. I wore a bright red dress that clung to me like a second skin. It had thick straps over my shoulders and dipped low to show off my generous chest. It was short. It brushed the curve of my ass and I felt giddy at the fact that I only wore a thong underneath and the material of the dress felt amazing against my sensitive flesh.

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