Shutting that door

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Im bleeding alot...No! No! I just wanna get home to my beautiful kids! I blink "Ms Your gonna be ok..." The paramedic says "Wh-where is my friend-k-Kate?" The women looks panicked "What is she ok?!" I squirm as they put me inside the truck "Ma'm she's fine..." I relax as my eyes close

I wake up again to see many doctors "Shes losing lots of blood!" I hear one of them say My eyes close as the Anastasia starts to kick in.

I wake up and see Ray "Annie!" He says as the kids heads shoot up "Mommy!" They both say "kids.." I smile "How long have I been asleep?" I ask Ray "6 days Annie..." I wonder If Christian Ever came to visit....Ana no! He wouldn't..."Is Kate Ok?" Panic starts to rise "Shes fine I just checked on her and...shes going home but I'm afraid you'll have to stay another 2 days" I frown,"Its ok mommy well have Aunt Kate's house clean and ready!" Phoebe says as I smile and lean in slowly to kiss her forehead.

They all kiss me goodbye as I am given my pain medicine.

Seattle is so beautiful today...I wish I could go out and be with the kids at the park....I nearly cry thinking of how Christian,me and the kids used to go out and have a nice family day.

I lie in bed,its only been two hours since Ray and the kids left...Only two hours! The door creaks open My eyes shoot over to the door as I see Christian! I keep my excitement in as I see he's holding flowers,what? For me? "Hey.." He say shyly "Hey." I half smile "How are you doing" Without thinking my god damn mouth opens "I don't know what do you think..." He grins "Still got that smart mouth..." I nod and smile shyly...He puts down the flowers on the small table on the side of the white hospital bed,"Thanks..."
I get up and start wincing...Christian runs over and lays me back down,I look into his dark grey eyes as he looks at my blue eyes...he leans in and we share a kiss,This somehow doesn't feel wrong...but I know its not right....I back off "Christian..." I shake my head "Look...You cheated on me-" He sighs " Ana look theres a explanation....." We are interrupted by a knocking on the door, "come in..." I say "Sorry sir Visiting hours are over..." The Doctor says,"Wait a couple more minutes please." Christian insist "Look Christian Im tired...See you soon" He opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by the doctor once again "Sorry time to go sir..." He nods and walks over to the door and he's gone...

Later that night my medicine is given to me because the pain has been hurting me like crazy!
I fall asleep that night...
Tap tap
Huh? I wake up and turn over and nearly scream when I see Christian,"Wha-" "Shh..."  I nod and the silence grows between us..."Ana...we need to talk..."
"Theres a reason I'm with Leila..."
I shake my head "No christian..."
"But Ana...Leila she blackmailed me.."
Huh??!! "What? No..your"
"Ana believe me.."
"Christian I think you should leave your not supposed to be here.."
"Leave Christian...or I'll Call my nurse.." I've never been this way to someone..."Alright..I guess your shutting that door" I look down at my fingers and Nod "I want you to know that what I'm saying is true..and I would never hurt you..your the only I ever loved and will always.." he leaves through the window...damn how does he still do that?
I sigh what if he's telling the truth
What if he's lying....
Ugh!! My thoughts exhaust me until nearly fall asleep...but wait
A theory pops into my head
'what if all those dream if Christian cheating were a sign??' That he was gonna...
Holy Cow...
I continue thinking of more thoughts until..I fallen asleep...

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