Drunk in love

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I ask
She says sipping water
"you wanna go out?"
Her eyes shoot up from her phone to me
She squeals
"Ana your asking me?if I Wanna go out and I don't even have to convince you?!"
I nod "I just need to get a few things off my mind.."
She nods "Yes!I have to pick you and I an outfit!"
I laugh as I pull out my phone and Call Ray knowing he's in town and the only babysitter I can think of...

Their heads turn to me
"Grandpa Ray Is watching you tonight so be good."
I raise my brows making them laugh.

Kate comes down holding two dresses...Holy shit!

She holds a red dress not even thigh length and a black one same length and it has some lace on it...
"Kate are those-"
She nods handing me the black one...
I gasp
Ray would never let me out in this and neither would Christi-Whatever im wearing it

I put the dress on and cringe at the length....No Ana...you need this night!
I curl my hair and apply mascara and lip gloss...
I enter the kitchen to see Ray and Kate-Ray looks in shock "Annie..."
"I know..."
"You look great!"
What?"Thanks Dad"
I say as I kiss him on the cheek goodbye.

We arrive at a club called The Vault Me and Kate decided to rent a hotel nearby...just in case we drank to much...plus it's just across the street...
Kate applied so much makeup on me on the way I can't even recognize myself....
The club is crowded with people...Kate immediately drags me to the glowing dance floor as She starts to dance and I follow along as my hips move to-Halsey-Not Afraid Anymore
I tell Kate "Ill be back I need a drink!"
I shout as loud as I can over the music
I head over to the bar area and order a red wine...
"Coming right up"
The bartender says
I nod as I sit on the stool and a man sits right next to me,"Ill have a Red Wine please" the man says as The bartender hands me my Red wine and I drink
"Miss would you like free shots?"
The bartender asks
I nod
He hands me about 5 and I begin to drink them as quick as I can trying not to get flavor twitches....Everything begins to feel dizzy and blurry but my body fights it...
The man asks
I turn my attention to him he has copper hair and dark eyes...I can really identify the color thanks to my vision....
"Hey" i say
He drinks his wine and then the bartenders hand him 5 shots he drinks three quickly shaking his head "Flavor twitches?" I ask laughing he nods smiling "you have quite a beautiful laugh" I flush "Thank you.."

"Im Ana..."
He freezes
I nod
"Its me Christian..."
I gasp
"Im hoping we can still be friends..."
He says "Friends?"
He nods "Im not sure..."
"Look Ana.."
"No...I have to go..."
I head back to Kate to see her talking to some guy... Darn the Break between Kate and Eliot has been tough on Kate,I decide not to intrude....I need to go to the hotel but I feel to dizzy to walk back...I almost faint as two hands catch me "Ana?"
"I need to get home..."
"I have a hotel...across the street."
He nods as he walks me back to the hotel with me and we check in.

He enters the room with me and places me down on the bed.he grabs a glass of water and places it on the nightstand."thats here just in case alright.." I nod and get up and walk over to him "Thank you " i say "no problem..." I  hug him then look at his face,I suddenly start kissing him and he doesn't pull away.He continue kissing me as do I,I groan in his mouth as he puts me down onto the bed and I start unbuttoning his shirt as he reaches his hands into my dress and pulls my panties off.
His shirt is now off and i have only my dress on.
He kisses my neck as I groan,he kisses my legs and his Head reaches the end of my dress as his tongue swirls around my clitoris,I groan loudly he then removes his Pants and Boxers then pulls out a foil packet and slides it on quickly as he enters me,I groan "Ah Fuck!" He says through gritted teeth until I come and we both find our release.

I wake up the next morning to see a shocked Kate.I look at her confused until I turn to see A shocked Christian in bed with me,we are under the covers naked...
I say as she leaves giving me and Christian space.

"Shit." He hisses
"We-we were dunk!" I say trying to explain the situation but it doesn't help...
"Is it bad that I enjoyed it..." he whisper s but mumbles at the same time,"No...I did too..." I bite my lip..."
"Ana...lets forget this..."
I nod "Well meet up and fill out the divorce papers..."
"Divorce papers?"
"You sent me divorce papers..."
"No I didn't.."
"Either way it was time..."
I say "Ana...I never sent anything..."
"But who did?!"
"I think Leila did..."
Right Leila....
i frown "well I've gotta get home to
My kids..." he frowns and I know what he's thinking...
I put my extra clothes on that were in the suitcase...in front of Christian...Yes in front of him...
i head out.
I cant believe I slept with Christian....

Kate is waiting in the car "what was that about?"
She asks "We were-drunk..."
"Are you two together again?"
"No Kate it changes nothing..."
She frowns and she continues asking questions "Kate lets just go home and pretend this didn't happen ok..."
She drives off home...
On the way Kate look one way and out of nowhere the Car hits...
My eyes close and I hear sirens

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