Part Four

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"You told me that you had three girlfriends right?" Madhu asks RK. "Yeah. Why?" "And did they all dump you?" Madhu asks in teasing tone. "Of course not!" RK replied offended. "One moved away from here, second one I came back to India after studies and third one lets just say she was not that nice." "So, you are saying you never got dumped?" Madhu asks shocked. "NO! And why are you asking me that?" RK asks confused. "Three-fourth of your conversations is about food and I was wondering" Madhu laughs off. "Oh!" RK says sadly "So you find my talks boring?" "No! I was just teasing you." Madhu says immediately. "Hmmm" "I was just replaying our old conversations in my head and thats when I realized that you talk a lot about food." "Okay. Will not talk about food to you from now on." RK says. "Hey no! I kinda like the way you talk about food." Madhu says with a slight blush. "Aha! Interesting." RK says happily. "What interesting? I was just saying." Madhu says. "Ok." Madhu hears a faint door bell ringing over the phone. "Madhu, just hold on. I think pizza is here." RK says. Madhu hears RK walking sound followed by him pounding down the stairs followed by him opening the door and talking to the delivery boy. "Madhu, just a sec." RK says as he ran up the stairs to his room. "Yeah.. okay no probs." Madhu replies. 

"Okay. I am back in my room." RK says. "RK, I thought you had dinner. When I messaged you earlier you said you were having dinner right? Or was that yesterday?" Madhu asks confused. "Ermm Madhu that was today only. And this is my midnight snack." RK says. By now Madhu was so used to his midnight snacks but PIZZA!!! "Pizza as midnight snack?" Madhu asks shocked. "I am a little too hungry today." RK replies. "Oh! So bought pan pizza?" Madhu asks. "Nooo" "Then?" "What is this interrogation?" RK asks feigning outrage. "Don't tell me it is a 12 inch pizza?!?!?!?!" Madhu asks shocked. "Men have good appetite." "Appetite, not a well!!!" Madhu says. "Come on, Madhu." "Golgappa as pre-dinner snack. Aloo paratta for dinner with lassi and left over chicken fried rice. Then a chocolate cake. And now pizza!!! Did I miss anything?" Madhu asks. "Just the gulab jamun." RK mutters. "Oh God!" "You are privy to too much information, woman!" RK says. "You are the one who is telling me everything!" "I should be kicked for that." "Tell me this RK, are you the biggest customer of your restaurant?" Madhu asks laughing. "Hahaha! Very funny." 

Few minutes later 

"You ruined my appetite!" RK accuses. "Wow! I thought you were eating while talking to me." Madhu defends herself. "Yeah!! But now I cant seem to finish my pizza. Three big slices are left!" RK says in an offended and accusing tone. "Ohmigod! What will we do now, RK?" Madhu asks acting shocked and worried. "pieces you cant seem to eat! This is like global crisis." "Worse than that." RK says. Madhu was not sure whether RK was serious about that or joking, but knowing him she assumed he was serious. 

The clock chimes three o clock. "Its 3!" Madhu informs him. "3 already? I have a meeting at 8 tomorrow. Madhu, I will talk to you tomorrow. I should catch some sleep." RK says. "Okay." Madhu says a little disappointed then to her surprise she yawns, she didnt realize even she was tired till now. "Good night, RK." "Night, Madhu." Madhu went to her bed with a smile on her face. She remembers RK's eating habit and chuckles. The moment she gets onto the bed, Trishna wakes up and looks at her, then at the clock, and again at her, then without a word closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. Madhu rolls her eyes, after that day they never talked about RK but Trishna was aware that Madhu spend most of her waking hours talking to him. Madhu knew that Trishna believed that Madhu and RK were falling in love, but then RK never mentioned anything about love to her... well except for his love for food. 

Next day 

Madhu was feeling hungry and she goes to check the fridge for food. Padmini had told her that she had kept veg curry and roti for her in the fridge. Only she was at home, everyone else had gone out for various activities. She opens the container and sees the veg curry. She was not in a mood for vegetables. She opens the freezer and sees prawns. She decided to cook prawns and takes it out. She keeps it in the microwave to defreeze while she went to get her ipad to check for recipes. Finally, she found a simple recipe and was about to cook when she realized that the recipe calls for cleaned and deveined prawns. "Deveined? What the hell is that?" Madhu wonders out loud. "What does that mean? Who will I ask?" Then Madhu smiles now she had someone on her speed dial for food related queries. 

"RK what does devein mean?" Madhu asks him as soon as he picks up the phone. "Prawns?" RK asks back. "Yes." "You need to remove the vein on the prawns cutting the top open." "Huh?" "How do I explain?" RK wonders out loudly. "Ah give me your skype id."Madhu does and within seconds her ipad buzzed showing her friends request. "Okay. Will come online in 5 mins." RK says and hangs up the phone. 

Few minutes later RK calls her on skype and Madhu turns on the video chat option. And sees RK after 5 weeks after the day he had come to see her for the first time. He looked the same maybe a little more handsome. "Hey Madhu!" RK says with a smile. He was standing in his restaurant kitchen. "Hi RK!" "I will show you how to devein." RK says as he takes a prawn from the bowl in front of him. "You hold it like this, then cut it open here and simply put out the vein." he showed to her like a pro. He continued to show her a couple more till she got the hang of it and laughing at all the disgusted face she was making as she pulled out the vein. He talked to her about the recipe giving suggestions and tips, ignoring his chefs and waiters working in the kitchen watching him like an alien.

Meanwhile at RK's house Radha was talking to her sister Meera on the phone. "You really have no issues if I send the proposal?" Meera asks her. "No baba. She is a nice girl. My RK was not lucky to marry her. Maybe your son is the lucky one." "Okay. Then I will send Sultan's proposal for Madhubala.

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