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The possibilities for inspiration are endless here on Wattpad.  Whether you're seeking a creative challenge or a specific genre to indulge in, one of these is sure to deliver.  Let this list guide you to the profile that fits what you're looking for.

Action - The official Action category profile. Get the adrenaline pumping and the excitement mounting for the most exhilarating action fiction on Wattpad. Jump in!

AdultFiction - The ambassador-run hub created especially to cater for and celebrate Wattpad's grown-up readers and writers.

Adventure - The official Adventure category profile. Journey to the uncharted realm of heroes, villains, pirates, and fairy folk, where the imagination knows no bounds.

AlternativeStorytelling - The ambassador-managed profile for all interactive stories, where you get to have a very real say in the narrative!

Alt-U - The ambassador-managed Alternate Universe profile, where anything that could possibly might will have ever been a possibility, is reality!

Ambassadors - The home of the Wattpad Ambassadors, a team geared towards helping and engaging the wider community. Visit for news, story reviews, and more information about the program.

Anime - The ambassador-managed profile catered towards the Otakus of Wattpad. Dedicated to promoting amazing anime, manga, and light novels.

antiheroesgalore - The Ambassador-managed profile dedicated to those characters that are deeply flawed, conflicted, and often have a cloudy moral compass. So, if you're a writer of antiheroes or love reading stories about them, then this profile is the perfect place for you! 

Archieverse - The ambassador-managed fandom profile created especially as a hub for fans of the Archieverse, and all that it entails. Discover contests and join Riverdale, Sabrina, & Katy Keene discussions.

BadassReads - The ambassador-managed profile for bad boys/bad girls, delinquents, pranksters, and mafia stories. Enough of being good; it's time to be kick ass!

Beauty - The official Wattpad beauty profile. We know that beauty is a personal thing, so this is your home to be whoever you want and to express yourself however you choose.

BeyondSol - The ambassador-managed account for stories that take place in the deep dark regions of space. An extension to the popular Science Fiction profile, this profile deals with events that take place literally, beyond our solar system.

BTS-Community - This is an inclusive ambassador-managed community for all BTS ARMY on Wattpad. Our community showcases various BTS fiction stories written by the many talented fanfic writers on the platform. So grab your ARMY Bomb, your favorite BT21 character, and enter the magic shop with us while we spread the Borahae to all!

BullyingPrevention - the Ambassador run profile committed to keeping the community safe, while encouraging you as members of the Wattpad Community to do the same!

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