Michael Herr and Company Custom Blinds Cincinnati Ohio: Custom Solar Shades

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Providing Custom Window Treatments to Cincinnati

Solar shades are a type of "custom window treatments" that are a relatively new product. They are becoming more and more popular. They are a mesh like fabric that comes in varying degrees of light blockage. Because solar shades block the light, they also stop the ultra violet rays that heat up the room and fade the furniture and carpet. When you want the solar heat on a cold winter day, you can raise them to get full benefit, but if it is a hot summer afternoon and the room is being cooked, you can lower them and keep the sun and heat out. They come in different blockage rates from complete blockage to only 90% blockage. The lower blockage level equates to more transparency. They come in a multitude of colors. We can create custom solar shades that will look incredible in your home

These custom window treatments also have an option for a facia (valance) that covers the shade and gives the illusion that the shade disappears when pulled up. They operate with either a beaded chain loop control or they can be motorized for the ultimate ease of control. Motorization is particularly popular on high windows or windows that are difficult to get to. The Light blockage options go 100%, 99%, 97%, 95%, and 90%. For situations with south or western exposures, 97% and 99% blockage is usually proscribed. They have been used in restaurants because they can control glare and sun in the patron's eyes yet allow light and view to be maintained. While they can stand alone, they also can be installed under valances, cornices or draperies. While they are almost always used as roller shades, they also can be used as Roman shades, panel tracks verticals or in skylights.

We provide incredible Custom Window Treatments to Cincinnati and beyond

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