1# DADDY- Oops....

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Y/N POV----

"Oh Hey Ned? What's up?" I asked. After Ned dragged me to his desk. "I'm working on a project. And I need help. And help from down there at home." Ned pleaded.

"Sure what how big is it?" I asked.

Eugenes pov---

I look to them and I started to eaves drop. "I need help. Down there." Ned said.

My head went blank. What kind of fucker asks that? Before I would storm towards them.

"How big is it?" Y/N laughed. I was pissed. I stomped over to them and grabbed Y/N's wrist. "Owh!" Y/N screamed. "What are you doing!?" Y/N shouted.

I was fumming angry. "Ned I'll help you and your wife later!"
Y/N  shouted. Then I got a lil confused. But was still angry.

I know what I heard. "What are you so mad about?!" Y/N yelled when we got in the car. I let go of her wrist. As soon as I let go.

I was mad at myself instantly. There, a hand mark with bits of red under skin that makes it look like she started bleeding. I look at her face. She looked down at her wrist, with tears filling her eyes. It was also a 20 minute ride.

I felt a wash of guilt. Tears were strolling down her face and I'm not doing anything about it. I'm her boyfriend and I'm just sitting here, I'm not apologising or doing anything else.

She's a person whose not very like. Just like keeping her negative feelings quiet. When she's angry she keeps silent. When crying she's silent. So all we heard was just cars driving past us.

After 10 minutes. Her wrist was bruising badly. There was patches of red that looked like blood from under her skin.

Honestly. Seeing her like this made my eyes tear up. But it's worse knowing I'm the reason for this. I don't care what I heard anymore.

I understand that they didnt talk about fucking. Of course Ned is a loyal man to his wife. And Y/N is a loyal woman to me.

We arrive home and I get out the car. Y/N stayed there.

I sighed heavily. I open her door. Ignoring eyecontact. She instantly gets out and walks away down the street.

"Y/N! Please!" I pleaded. Walking to her and spinning her around. Wrapping my arms around her.

"Please. Let's go inside." I begged. She kept silent. Looking down at her wrist. I pick her up bridal style and walked into our small house.

I place Y/N on top of the kitchen counter and went to find a first aid kit. She kept crying. Her Tears weren't stopping.

I gently grab her hand and kissed her hand. "This might hurt." I warned. But I'm sure it doesnt hurt as much as her feelings are. I put an ice bag around it. Making her flinch a make a tiny whine.

I took the bag off instantly. But put it back on. It hurt seeing her like this. Y/N continued crying. I wrapped her hand in bandage. I kissed her forehead as comfort.

I then pull her towards me into a hug. She cries loudly instantly and wrapped her arms around my neck with her legs around my waist.

Tears started rolling down my face soon after but I kept silent.

"I'm sorry. I really am sorry. I regret what I did so much. When Ned asked you over. I thought he said. "Can you help me with a problem down there?" And I just took it the wrong way. Then after I thought you said. "How big is it?" taking that sentence even further. But then I realised in the car. Ned is a loyal man to his wife. And you're a loyal woman to me. I completely
mis-trusted you."

Y/N stayed quiet. Gripping onto my tux.

"Y/N . I love you so much. I couldn't think properly. Or even listen to you. Instead. I hurt your wrist and feelings. I promised I'd never hurt you or make you cry. And now seeing you cry breaks me apart. "

I dug my face into her neck. Wanting to hold her forever.

She continued crying on my shoulder.

"I don't want to lose you. Please stay with me. Don't leave me. I can't live with myself if you did. I love you." I said. It was silence.

"I love you too." Y/N said quietly. We stayed like that. Her with her legs around my waist and arm around my neck. My arm around her waist and one arm on her head.

"It's fine Eugene. I love you so much." Y/N cried. Tears were going down my face still. My tears wetting her shirt.

"Please don't cry." Y/N she asked. She lifts her head and places her two hands on each side of my head and pulled me into a kiss. She tightened her body closer to me. My body started to feel hot in just a second.

Y/N POV --------

My crying stopped and his as we continued with our lips together.
He picks me up and takes us upstairs to the bedroom. He pushes me down on the bed and went to his closet.

I started feeling horny by the second. "Dat ass doh!" I laughed while biting my lip. Eugene then twerked a lil as a joke. He pulls out a bag that I had never seen before. He poord all the items out the bag onto the table.

I gasped and tightned my legs together. Feeling excitement.

It was filled with sex toys. Handcuffs, condoms, vibrator, whip, lube, gag, blindfold,  etc. He bit his lip.

"Which one?" Eugene asked.

" Whatever suits your liking?" I said seductively. He grabs the blindfold and handcuffs. I want to be dominant.

He hands cuffs my hands above my head and blindfolds me with a black fold. He strips me naked and I heard him strip. Hearing his clothes drop to the floor. I then feel grinding on my clit. Making my head throwback.

"Eugene!!!" I screamed. My mouth fell open. He started going slower. Making me whine

"Please Eugene!" I pleaded. "Hmm. Not enough begging." Eugene teased. He flips me over and slaps my ass. Making scream in pleasure. "Please master!! Fuck me!" I screamed.

Eugenes breath was felt on my sensitive neck. I couldn't see anything to prove it. Rough sucking started on my neck. Making me arch my back in pleasure.

Eugene began grinding my womanhood making me want more. "Fuckin hell. How are you so fucking sexy?" Eugene teased. Feeling the sides of my body.

"Please. I want you to fuck me hard." I begged. I wanted him bad. I'd do anything. Eugene pounded into me. Making my scream.

Tears rolled down my eyes. But not for pain. For pleasure. My hands handcuffed back and blindfolded was the best feeling I felt.

He continuously pounded into me. His moans drive me crazy. "Fuck Y/N you're so tight." Eugene moaned.

He started going faster. "Moan my name." Eugene demanded. "Eugene!!" I moaned. He started slowing down. Making me whine.

"Please!" I pleaded. I felt so pathetic under him. "Hmm."

"DADDY!-" I screamed. I then stopped. Realising what I said. I had never ever said Daddy to anyone. I felt incredibly embarrassed.

"Say that again?" Eugene said in a teasing tone. "Daddy..." I quietly said. "Do you 'Daddy' to fuck you until you can't walk?" Eugene asked. Taking off my blindfold. He then saw my face. "Damn. Everything about you turns me on." Euegene growled.

"So. Since you called me Daddy. Scream daddy to me. Tell me how much you want Daddy to fuck you?" Eugene asked. "Please Daddy! I have been a dirty lil girl and want punishment from my sexy Daddy!" I pleaded.

He instantly started fucking me again. The intensity was so strong I couldn't control myself. "Moan for me!" Eugene growled. "Daddy! Please keep going!" I moaned.

"I'm coming!" We both said.  A wave went through my stomach and we both came. .

He un-cuffs me and lays down next to me.

"I love you." I said and fell asleep. I feel a light peck on my forehead. "I love you too."

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