Chapter Nine

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'Really...' I dropped my head on the desk, once I saw the eraser fall on our sensei.

Naruto gripped his stomach, pointing at him. "I got him! I got him!" While laughing some more.

'It's bad enough I got paired with Sakura AND Sasuke but now my sensei is my dad! Aw come on!' I dropped my face onto the desk.

"Hmmmm how can I put this?" Dad held up his hand to his chin in wonder. "As my first impression of you guys...well I hate you."

"Feeling is quite mutual." I muttered glaring at him.

"Oi Sora-chan..." Dad started.

"Who are you?"

"How mean Sora-chan, I taught you better." My glare darkened.

'He just loves embarrassing me...'

I stretched my arms as we arrived on the roof. Dad sat on the railing so he could get a better view of us. Lazily, I dropped on the stairs quickly getting comfy.

"Let's see." Dad started. "First off, let me have you guys introduce yourselves."

"Introduce ourselves?" Sakura interrupted.

'Don't do'

"What should we say?" She continued.

"Really!?" They could hear the frustration in my voice.

"Sora..." Dad's voice was in a low warning tone.

I just crossed my arms in annoyance. 'This day just keeps getting better and better!'

"Your likes, dislikes, your future dream, hobbies, things like that."

"Hey! Before that, please tell us about yourself." Naruto ordered.

Dad pointed to himself. "Me? My names Kakashi Hatake."

"Hatake?" I heard Sasuke mutter quietly, no one heard him except me. I just ignored him.

"I don't feel like telling you guys my likes and dislikes."

"Huh?!" Naruto and Sakura muttered in confusion.

"I've never really thought about my future for my hobbies, I have many." Dad continued.

"In the end, isn't all we know is his name?" Sakura questioned.

Naruto nodded in agreement. "Yeah."

"But you LOVE to read isn't that right, SENSEI?" I grinned.

"Not as much as I LOVE to EMBARRASS and TORMENT my daughter." I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "Next is you guys." He nodded his head lazily in Naruto's direction. "Lets start with you."

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