“What are you doing here?” I finally asked after moments of nothing but awkward uncomfortable silence. I could feel my stomach turn horribly.

“I came to see the family that you seem to love a whole lot better than your own.” he said casually, but sarcastic.

“Where’s Tyler?” I asked.

“Good question, where my son is?” he asked, looking around and paused on Skyler Sr.

“My daughter Lena has him up in her room.” he answered. “You don’t have to worry about him, he’s fine.”

“That’s good.” he said. He turned his head back to me. “Now Abigail, if you’ll be a good girl, go pack your stuff so we can go home now. Play time is over.”

“She isn’t going anywhere—”

“Scott, stop.” Skyler Sr. said. “Look Will, I suggest we should sit down and talk about this.”

My dad turned around, “Well Skyler, there is nothing to talk about. Abigail is my daughter, not yours. She’ll do what I say, she isn’t eighteen yet, I have rights to what happens and where she lives and she won’t be living here.”

“I understand that, but we all can be mature about this and just talk. No harm done with talking, right?” Skyler Sr. asked.

“Abigail isn’t going anywhere.” Scott said, walking in front of me and hauled me behind him. “And most defiantly not with someone who hurts his own child.”

My dad turned around and rose an eyebrow, “Is that what she told you? Your mistaken boy, I have never laid a hand on her. She’s simply just a klutz.”

Scott snorted, “You don’t expect me to believe—”

“Scott, no more.” Skyler Sr. said, his voice hard and ordering. “Now before a fight breaks out,” he said, walking into the middle of the room, “Abigail, Will, and I are going to go in the dining room and talk.”

“What!” Scott cried out. “No, I have to be in there!”

“This is none of your business.” my dad said.

Scott growled again. “You have no idea how much of this is my business.” he said.

“Scott’s right.” Skyler Sr. said. “But I’m warning you, Scott, you better not do anything stupid. I want your ass sitting in the chair the whole time and your mouth closed. Sky, go get your mother please, if we make up a deal, she’s going to need to know.” he said to Skyler and Skyler nodded.

I could tell Scott was glaring at his dad, but he nodded. Scott found my hand and entwined our fingers together as he walked towards the dining room door. I turned my head around and the other gave me pity looks.

We stepped into the room and my dad sat across from me and Scott. He kept his eyes on me and gave me a disappointed look. I lowered my head and look down at the table. I felt small again.

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