Always Wanted, Always Needed

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You prepared breakfast, working as fast as you could so you could help Aimi and Ryuuji get ready for school. And possibly Grimmjow... 

Finally setting the table, you made your way upstairs.

"Daddy can you fix my hair please?" 

"My hair too please!" 

"Quit screaming brats!" 

"What the...?" You questioned as you reached the top of the stairs. 

Peeking into the bathroom, there was Grimmjow trying to tame Ryuuji's hair, and Aimi waiting patiently waiting for her turn. 

It was a surprise as Grimmjow was being quite gentle when fixing his son's hair. And even more gentle as he brushed and tied his daughter's long hair into 2 high pigtails. Which was fixed rather nicely. 

Spying some more, Grimmjow had chosen the clothes the twins would be wearing, and even helped them get ready. They didn't fuss or argue with him. 

Right after, all three of them even brushed their teeth together. Grimmjow had made sure to buy stools for the twins so that they could see over the sink. It was nice to see how well together the family was. 

Even without you. 

They ate breakfast. And as you stood off to the side, the feeling of isolation overwhelmed you. Grimmjow took the care of the kids to the best of his abilities, and he was doing really well so far. All in all, you really didn't need to be there. 

"Hey woman!" Grimmjow screamed, snapping you out of your trance. 

"What?" You asked aggitated.

"Pay attention." Grimmjow grunted. 


"Mommy, are you picking us up from school?" The twins asked, their smiles big. 

"Me?" You asked surprised. 

"Yeah!" Aimi said happily. "You have to pick us up." 

"And then you bring us to Jiji- san's home until daddy picks all of us up." Ryuuji explained, his smile getting wider. 

And then the feeling disappeared all at once as you smiled at your kids. 

"Yeah, I'll pick you two up." 

"And woman." Grimmjow said, catching your attention once more. 

"What?" You asked again. The two of you have been married for almost three years, and you fathered him two children. Yet, he still doesn't call you by name?! 

"Bring me those fuckin' lunches you use to fuckin' do." Grimmjow stated with a grin. You stared back at him for awhile, before smiling. 


Extended Ending: 

"Wait, who is Jiji- san?" You asked the twins confused. 

"Jiji- san is Jiji- san." Ryuuji answered just as confused... who else would he be? 

"Who is Jiji- san?" You whispered to Grimmjow this time. 

"Urahara." Grimmjow muttered while eating his breakfast. 

"Ahh..." You answered, content with his answer. 


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