Chapter 14

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"Don't let it get you. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation!" Kara tries to keep up with my fast strides.

I shake my head. "He can forgive her and she cheated on him! I lied because I had to and he won't even look at me!" My eyes start burning again. "I will not cry!" I scream in frustration.

"Olivia, calm down." Kara grabs my arm.

The bell echoes around the hall. We look around before looking at each other.

"It'll be fine, OK? I'll figure out what's going on. Just don't fly off the deep end. You can't swim, remember?"

"Whatever, Kara." I shake my head, not in the mood for her joke.

"Liv, just breathe."

I nod before walking to my class. Lucky for me, I get to spend it with the backstabbing pond scum. Taking my seat next to Jeremiah, I smile at him briefly.

What if Clara talks Jonas into getting back together? Why would he do this?

A frustrated shiver shakes me when Jonas sits beside me. Anxiety running rampant on my emotions. I purposely turn away from him. There are plenty of seats he can sit in.

Why does he have to torture me like this?

"Trouble in Paradise?" Jeremiah teases.

I shoot him a glare. He chuckles.

"I'm kidding. Are you OK?"

"I've seen better days." My leg bounces up and down.

Jeremiah raises a brow at me before glancing over at Jonas then back at me. I stare forward as the teacher enters the room.

"Okay," Jeremiah says under his breath.

My leg seems to bounce even more excessively as the class drones on. Soon bouncing my leg isn't enough, I start tapping my pencil against my notebook. The teacher glances at me curiously ever so often.

If I could, I'd stop. Jonas puts his hand on mine to stop me. My whole body stops as I look at his hand touching mine. For a moment, I almost forgot why I was so anxious, but then it hits me. Snatching my hand away, I glare at the teacher.

Jonas' hand curls into a fist as he pulls it away. My leg starts bouncing again until the bell rings. I grab my stuff and push my way out the classroom. Kara waits for me by the school's front door so we can walk to the bus together. She shoots a distasteful look over her shoulder.

I don't even turn around to see who she gives it to. We climb onto the bus. Not wanting to see Jonas climb onto the bus, I stare down at my lap.

"Hey, Olivia."

I look up to see Trent. I smile. "Hey. What are you doing here?"

"Going to hang out at Jeremiah's." He sits in the seat across from us. "It's been awhile. How are you? You look tense."

"Yeah, I saw something very distasteful today and I haven't been able to wash it out my memory yet."

Jonas glances at me as he walks to the back.

"Well, that's gotta suck."

"You have no idea."

"Well, everyone is getting together later to go to Looey's. You're gonna come and sing again, right?"

Kara looks at me nervously. I smack her thigh before laughing.

"You really wanna hear my screeching again?"

"Screeching? I didn't know angels could screech."

I roll my eyes. "I have to work today. Maybe another time."

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