Chapter 1

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HI guys. This is my first Psych book. hopefully you guys like it. plz post comment. Here we go!

"No Gus, they are CHILLY cheese chongas. Not Chimmy cheese chongas." Shawn said as he entered the Santa Barbra police station.

"Ok ok. You win." Gus said following by Shawn's side. The busy officers hustled around them as he walked to Juliet O'Hara's desk.

"Hello Jules. How is my favorite detective?" Shawn said looking back at Lassiters desk to make sure he wasnt hearing. But to his surprise he saw something interesting. A little girl around the age of 13 was sitting next to Lassiter in a chair. Shawn and Gus turned around simultaneously.

"Woah." He said. "And who might this be?" he said staring at the girl. She had brown hair and slightly brown skin. She looked up at Shawn and Gus. Lassiter looked up from his computer. Then rose when he saw the two men.

"Mr. Spencer, Mr. Guster this is my niece, Isabel. Her father is down here for some business so she will be staying here with me." He looked over at Isabel who was smiling at them.

"Hi." she said waving slightly.

"Well, hello there. I am Shawn Spencer and this is my associate Burton Shawnofdaworld."


"Anyway, you having a good time in Santa Barbra?" Shawn said. Pulling up a chair for him to sit. Lassiter rolled his eyes and contiued working.

"Yes. I am." she replied.

"Well, thats good. My favorite place is the Taco Bell. They have delicious CHEESE chongas." He said moving twards Gus's face emphazings on 'cheese'. Isabel giggled and looked back at Shawn for the next question. "What is your favorite place?"

"Mine is..." she said thinking to herself. "The icecream shop."

"cool. Ok, now i will ask you some more quesions." Shawn said.

"shoot." Isabel leaned back in her chair.

"What is your favorite fast food restraunt?"


"Favorite movie."

"mission Impossible."

"ooh. Favorite place?"

"The park."

"ok. Favorite food."

"Ice Cream!!!"

"Favorite bar."

"Favorite bar?!"

"ok. ENOUGH SPENCER!" Lassiter cut in.

"Fine. well, she's a keeper. I'll see you later Isabel." Shawn gave her a small wink before walking away with Gus. Isabel giggled and could be heard saying "he's funny." in the distance.

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