One The Run

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Kaden - Me And Has A Twin But Doesn't Know

Empris 15 And The Only Child

Erica 14 Only Child

Ray Ray - Empris Boyfriend

Roc Erica Boyfriend

Prince Single

Jaden - Kaden Twin


Its raining at Night And I'm Running Away Because the house I'm in is a place you never wanna be in that house I been abused and raped and I been damed if I stayed in that house any longer I don't know where I'm going but I know I'll be fine I'm just trying to get out of there I'm a big girl I did boxing and and I do have everything I need I'm just A Little Scared ..I'll Make It

Me (Running) here I Like This Spot (Sits Down)


Mrs Jones You Guys A Have A New Students Name Kaden

Jaden Kaden ?

Me (walks In )

Jaden You ?

Me You ?

We Looked At Each other

Us we are Twins Now I Remember .!

Me (Pulls Out A Picture) That's You Right ?

Jaden Yeah (Pulls Out Another Picture ) And That's You

Me yeah

Nurse (takes our blood test) turns out you are twins you guys got separated when you were babies

Looks At Each other Said This Sweet

Empris Hey My Name Empris

Erica I'm Erica

Ray I'm Ray

Roc And I'm Roc

Ray You A Big Fan Of Baggy Clothes ?

Me Yeah

Ray I Like It

Jaden And I Eyes Started Changing Colors Really Fast

Ray Dude Y'all Eyes Changing Colors

Prince (Walks In And Sees Me ) Who's The Pretty Girl (Tries To touch Me)

Me (moves backwards ) I gotta go (Leaves)

Jaden She Been Raped ( head starts hurting) And she needs help my head hurts

Prince that's why she didn't let me touch her


Me (goes in the backyard and hears jaden and the boys)

Prince So Kaden Is Your Sister

Jaden Yeah Twin Sister I Wonder Where She Is

Prince I Think She's Pretty

Me ( Did A Grin Looks Out There)

Prince ( Looks At Me )

Me Shhh

Prince No ...

Jaden Why You Saying No For

Prince Your Sister Is Back There

Jaden (Paused) Kaden ?

Me ( Walks Out Looking Down )

Jaden Come On Get Your Stuff

Me fine

Prince P.O.V

I'm Feeling Kaden She Really Heartbroken ...She Don't Express Her Self Really She Wear a lot boy stuff like Boxers I Like It ,Imma Try Get Something Out Of Her Just To See That Smile One Time


Jaden Momma Look Who I Found

Mom Jaden You Always (Stops)

Kaden ( Looks ) You .... ( Pulls Out a Picture Of A Lady) Look Like Her

Mom That's Me

Me (looks at her with my big purple eyeballs)

Mom Can I Have A Big Ole Hug

Me (gives her a hug)


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