Chapter 17

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A/N just saying all of the boys room are connected to the living room and kitchen. So ya. They all stay in the same room but sleep in different bedrooms. Get it? Okay.

Matthew's Pov

Me and Carter give each other a confused look as we hear Shawn singing..... to himself? Carter opens the door slightly to see Kaela on the couch and Shawn next to her with his guitar, singing to her.


Matt: dude, Carter.

Carter: ...... Is Shawn really trying to get her?-he was angry

Matt: well he is flirting with her but Kaela isn't really doing anything.... She just likes hearing him sing.

Carter: ya......- he was more calm.

Matt: and Carter.... Shawn just likes to sing.

Carter sat down on the side if his bed and stared at the floor.

Carter: Its just-

Matt: its just what?

Carter: I love Kaela.... I've known her ever since 3rd gr or something.... And the fact that we're together.... I can't let her break up with me or see her with another guy because I spent years trying to win her heart. & I love her i frickn love her so much.

Matt: dude..... You hella love her....

Carter: ya i know

Matt: wait I just noticed Shawn stopped singing.

The door was opened by Kaela with tears running down her face. We forgot we left the door open.

Carter's Pov

Matt: umm... Im going outside....- Matt walked outside to the living room and I heard him say "Hey jacks." To i guess to jack and jack.

I stood up from the bed to face Kaela. Shes so small and cute. I can't let anything take her away from me.

Carter: so you heard everything?

Kaela: -she nodded her head smiling- Carter I...

Carter: I love you.

I leaned in and and kissed her soft lips. And she wrapped her arms around my neck. And I put my hands around her little waist. Omg shes so cute.

She broke the kiss and whispered "I love you too."

-The Next Day-

Kailani's Pov

*Beep* *Beep*

Ughh.... It is 10:00 am. Magcon meeting today... Wait. YAY MAGCON MEETING TODAY!! I woke up and got up from bed and put on my pink bunny slippers. I grabbed the pillow and whacked Kaela in the face.

Kailani : WAKE UP! -I said smacking her in the face like 100 times.

Kaela: UGGH! Okay okay.... I'm up. She stared at me as grabbed my pillow and started whacking me in the head and body.

I fell on the floor and she was still whacking me.

Kailani: okay okay.... Times.... You win... - I said in between breaths-

Kaela: thats right! I win feg! -and she started dancing-

Kailani: wait... You say feg? What the fck? I say fag.

Kaela: whatever....

We got ready and I was wearing a denim crop top with a blue floral skirt and of course me white converse. Kaela was wearing a moon tangtop that was black/ denim shorts/ and a blue faunal around her waist and was wearing black converse. I put my hair in a bun and she curled hers and put in a black beanie. We walked out of our room and ate some break feast and the Gus began coming out. Once we were all ready we began heading for the door.

Jack G: READY?

Taylor: never better.

Aaron: omf im so excited - he was jumping up like a little girl-

Jack J: okay okay whew we got this.

Shawn: I think im gonna pee my pants.

The blue curtains opened then revealed thousands of fans screaming with posters and shirts.

Cameron: damn.

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