Paralyzed, but Not With Fear

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I awaken in a dimly lit room, in none other than a cage. A feeling of defeat enters into my veins as I entwine my fingers between the cold metal bars.

"Help...please..." I call out softly, knowing that my pleading is useless.

A door on the left side of the room swings open, bright white light spilling into the room.

"Hello, Jessica. It's good to see you're back," the man says. I can't make out his features because all I see is a tall silhouette, but his voice is low and menacing, sending chills down my spine as he talks.

"It wasn't by my choice. If it was, I would be long gone from this prison," I spit out boldly.

He approaches the cage and a whimper slips between my lips as I scoot as far back as I can. His face appears right in front of the cage door and I can see his face halfway clear. One side is illuminated, showing his icy blue eyes and slightly wrinkled face, his frown lines defined by his lips. The other half of his face is hidden by the shadow, causing him to look sinister. It matches his personality.

"Come now, little one. It's time for testing." He opens the cage door and I scream, trying to kick his face, hands, anything that will buy me more time.

As my right foot swings out to kick his face, he seizes it tightly, jerking my frail body so hard I hear my leg pop. I scream as he pulls my arms behind my back, half dragging and half carrying me to the door. I scream and scream until there my throat is raw.

Hot tears stain my cheeks as I'm strapped to a table, another needle slid into my arm. This one is hooked up to an IV. That makes me nervous. They only give us IVs when they do serious

My eyes meet the man's, my dark chocolate brown ones probably looking so frail to him. He smirks. "Goodnight, Jessica."

I realize the IVs have paralyzed my body and his fingers slip over my eyelids, trapping me in a conscious darkness.

My thoughts scream, 'No! Please!! I don't want to die! PLEASE!" But they won't, can't hear my plea of life.

I try to subdue my thoughts as I feel the scalpel cut into my temple.

'Oh god, no...'

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