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I was sitting waiting to see my sister. I probably wouldnt even recognize her. she's only been gone for 1 year but a lot could've changed. i was getting impatient so I walked up to the front desk and asked if flight 34 landed yet. the lady said they landed 15 minutes ago. I was now worried. wonder if this was a joke.

I was startled when someone pushed me to the side. I was ready to go off. I turned and there she was. my beautiful sister zoe. "zoe!" I yelled to the top of my lungs. we were getting a type of stares. she embraced me in a hug. she still had on her uniform and she dragged along one suitcase. I remember when she left she had about five. "you're here." she said wiping tears from her eyes. "I love you so much" I said grabbing her suitcase and leading the way out. she still was rocking that red hair. she looked amazing. she still looked like the same zoe. she still had that nose piercing and that same one dimple on the left side.

"where's mom?" she asked staring down at her phone. "to be honest i don't even know." I replied sighing. "well then. since when did you get thicker?" she asked looking down at my thighs. "since I started track." I replied looking over at her light bright ass.

once at home she rushed to her old room. it was exactly how she left it. all of her clothes were still there and her pictures still hung in the same place. I left her so she could have some alone time. I was chilling when I heard the doorbelll ring. I opened the door without even asking who it was. it was chase. "hey" he said embracing me in a hug and stepping in.

"hey ugly" I said kissing him. "he handed me the bag that was in his hand. it was three pints of ice cream. "I thought maybe your sister would want some too." he said chuckling. "I'm serious chase, I have a sister. she's upstairs for a matter of fact." I said smartly. "let me go see." he said walking up the stairs. I followed behind him since he wants to be such a smart ass.

he walked upstairs and bumped into zoe. "my bad, I'm looking for Isis sister though." he said continuing to walk. I bust out laughing. he's such a dumb ass. "stupid ass" I said pulling him by his jean jacket collar. "oh shit, you're Isis sister?" he asked surprised. "and you are?" my sister asked. "chase, her boyfriend." he said grabbing me by my waist. "since?" zoe asked. she's always been over protective. "since a while ago. last night though we f-" chase said as i cut him off. "come on stupid, mom should be home soon zoe. you can wear anything out of my closet." I said pulling chase down the stairs.

"damn, you ain't even let me tell her how much fun we had." chase said chuckling. "its our business." I said walking over to the island. chase followed and stood between my legs. he kissed me while gripping my waist. the kiss got deeper and his hand traveled up and down my back.

"what the hell!" I heard a very familiar voice yell. chase jumped back releasing from the kiss. we both just looked. "dammit" chase said under his breath. my mom pulled her gun from her hip and aimed it at chase. I got up and stood in front of him. my heart raced. zoe came down the stairs with her hair tied up but she still had on her uniform. she stood just as shocked as chase and I was. "what the fuck is going on?" zoe said slowly walking closer to the side of me. "you tell her." my mom said cocking her gun. "zoe, I don't know." I said looking at zoe deep in her eyes. "her little lover is a murderer. I warned her. she didn't listen." my mom replied smirking. "are you psycho?" I asked crying. chase noticed how upset and hurt I was. he wrapped his arms around me. he knew that of comforted me. "its my fault." chase said lowly. "you're correct." my mom said chuckling. "its my fault that he died. its my fault for being there. its my fault for entertaining the fight. its my fault for falling in love with Isis. my fault for wanting to spend the rest of my life with Isis. its all my fault." chase said getting a tighter grip on my waist. I was so confused. "no chase, no." I said tears running more and more. "wait isis" he said turning me around to face him. "but it's your moms fault for your dads death, its her fault for being at the party. its her fault for pulling the trigger that took his life. its her fault for breaking up my family. its her fault for having a affair with my dad. its her fault for causing your life to be hell." chase said. he lifted up my chin with his finger and kissed me. "I love you." he said in between our kiss.

shots started to ring out. we ducked behind the island. last thing I remember is blood and my tingling skin. Zoe's red hair swinging to the side. Zoe's gun firing back. the last thing I remember is light.

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