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October 21 7:23 a.m

I was feeling out on what I should say to Michael and Mia was at my shoulder talking to me on what I should say and do but I am still so fuckin scared

" it wouldn't be so bad I mean he wasn't perfect anyways " Mia said

I just wanted to slap her across the face soooo bad . butt i knew it would be hurtfull and she would be mad at me .so I just left it.

"Well he's the only boy that I really like and I'm scared to break up with him.I mean he is sometimes mean and sometimes I wonder if he is cheating on me but I don't think so .so he is coooolllll"I said

So I got u pmy courage and want out to my car and drove for about 8 minutes to Michaels house and when I got there he was outside waiting for me ..

"Hey ba-be ....I need to talk to you in my room ..alone .let's just goo"he said

"O-K " I said with a studer in my voice

We walked DUP to his room which always smelled like his colone he had on and I sat on his bed wiel he looked his door.....he sat down next to me and said:

" hey so I've been meaning to tell you that we have to have SEX.and I want u to become pregnant. I qy

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