You Never Know

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Mal : What's wrong am I taking you too fast?

Me : No , imma-a-a-a virgin.

Mal : Oh baby, I didn't know. We can do this whenever you ready.

I smiled and fell into his warm embrace. We watched TV & cuddled in our king sized plush bed until we fell asleep. I think I'm falling for him.


I woke up to Aaliyah all up under me. I got up & got in the shower. I cooked breakfast & left babygirl a note. I got in the car & headed to the trap house. I was greeted by my nigga Big Mike.

Mike : What up with it boss ?

Me : None the same ol shit. Where Tre at ?

Mike : He in the back.

I shook hands with Mike, the found my nigga Tre. He had some broad in his lap. Now this nigga know I don't like unfamiliar faces in the trap. She looked like she done had a hard life.

Me : Who the fuck is this bitch?

Tre : Chillout Mal, she was just finna leave. Damn keep calm.

Me : Yea, that'll be the best. I got some shit I need to talk to you about though.

Tre : What's up bruh ?

Me : Do you know a nigga named Troy?

Tre : Yea, he stay over there on Aspen drive.

Me : We'll we gotta knock that nigga off. He been fucking with my girl.

Tre : Hold up nigga ? You got a girl ? Damn look at you. I know you ain't settling down though are you ?

Me : Don't worry about all that. Ha , for real though. I want that nigga dead or alive.

I got up & went to the house. My baby was in the kitchen cooking it smelled like red beans & rice. She looked a little uneasy.

Me : Liyah what's wrong bay ?

She just picked up her phone & showed me the texts.

" ??? " : Bitch you thought I wasn't gone find out where you stay. Go look outside in the back yard.

I walked outside to the back yard to the stinch of death. There was Aaliyah's mom hanging from a light pole lifelessly. I wonder who the fuck could've did this bullshit ?

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