"Paul, you look fine.  Eleanor's a fool if she doesn't love it." I told him, as he examined his suit in the mirror.  He was getting ready for a double date with Eleanor and John and a girl he met and I could tell he was anxious.  Though, I didn't understand why.  

As I adjusted his tie, I asked, "You shouldn't be nervous.  She loves you."

"Sometimes I think..." He stopped.  I looked up at him.  



"What is it?  You were about to say something."

Say anything.

Paul sighed and fixed his hair.  "I don't think she's with her family when she says she's busy.  I think she's seeing another man."

I was sad to admit that I thought he was right.  Though, I wanted to tell him that she didn't deserve someone as amazing and talented as he was.  He needed a girl who would appreciate him, and not want anyone else.  A girl who would be faithful.  

But was that me? 

Though, all I could manage to say was, "I'm sure everything is going to work out just fine between you two."

He smiled.  "Thank you, Elle.  I hope I'll always have you here."

I hope so too.

Paul came home that night without saying a word, his jaw set in anger and frustration.  Surprisingly Eleanor wasn't with him, nor John.  Before I could even say anything to him, he had thrown his coat onto the chair, ran upstairs and slammed the bedroom door shut.  

It was actually quite early in the evening, and I figured they didn't eat and that he might be hungry.  He wouldn't open the door when I knocked, so I left a cup of steaming tea and a plate with honey toast on it outside the room.  When I came up to check on him a few minutes later, the tea cup saucer had a note on it.  

Thank you.  I'm sorry, but I'm in a foul mood and I think it's best if you left me alone for awhile.  Get some sleep.  I will too.

I wanted so badly to ask him what happened, but I didn't dare.  So I did as his note said.  I went to sleep.

The next morning Paul drove me to the studio wordlessly, and then immediately left to talk to George alone before they recorded some more music.  Ringo chatted with John for awhile, but then left to find the youngest Beatles.  

While I was reading, John took my arm and lead me out into the hall. 

"John, what are you-" I said, before he "Shh"ed me and lead me into the girls' bathroom.  

"If someone finds you in here, you're in deep trouble." I warned him.  He shrugged, and lit a cigarette.  

"If you want me to leave, that's fine.  I just figured you would want to know why Paul is so upset."


He took a long drag on his cigarette, and blew out the smoke as he spoke.  "When we went to the restaurant, Paul was obviously excited to see his girl, though he might have forgotten which girl he was going to see." 

I was about to speak, but he hushed me again.

"While my date and I were using the loo, Paul and Eleanor were talking at the table.  I had just come back, and was talking to the bartender when I noticed them.  Of course one thing lead to another and then they were snogging."

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