~~Authors Note~~

I know I always do Katniss POV so I thought I'd do Peeta for a change!


It's 3.30 and I have been laying her just staring at the ceiling for about 3 hours now.

I know I have to ask Katniss today, and I really don't know what her answer will be. I know she said before that she didn't want to, but things are different now.

I just want a family with Katniss so bad.

I'm brought back to reality when Katniss starts to stir next to me, mumbling things.

She starts screaming my name and thrashes around.

She's having a nightmare.

"Katniss shh, it's okay. your safe, it's only a nightmare." I say to her, trying to shake her awake.

Her eyes open and she starts to scream my name again.

"Katniss shh, it's okay I'm here." I say embracing her trembling body.

She digs her face into my chest, soaking it with tears. I feel so bad for her, it kills me seeing her in pain.

I rest my chin on the top of her head, stroking her hair softly and saying soothing words to her until she calms down.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask her about 20 minutes later when she has calmed down.

She lifts her head from my chest and nods.

She sits up slightly, moves in closer to me, not letting go of my hand once like I'll be taken away from her or something.

"You had just come back from the Capitol but you hadn't been hijacked. I was running to your room to see you, aand, and" she says and started to cry again.

"It's okay baby, you don't have to say if you don't want to." he say kissing her forehead and holding her close.

She shakes her head, "no, I'm fine. I was running to your room and, I walked in and you were kissing Delly. When you saw me you said you didn't love me and you loved Delly and you always had." she started to cry into my chest again.

That dream must of really hurt her, I would never leave her. I love her more than life itself!

I lift her chin gently for her to look me in the eye.

"Katniss, I would never leave you. I love you more than anything, you know that right?" I ask her.

She nods "I love you too, so so much." she says kissing me.

I glance over to the clock and see that it's only 5.00am.

"We should try to get some sleep,its still only 5.00am." I tell her and she nods.

We snuggle under the covers together, holding each other close.


I wake up remembering that I have to ask Katniss about having children today. I sit up in the bed and notice Katniss still sleeping next to me.

I pull on my checked Pajama bottoms as I only sleep in my boxers leaving my top bare, and heading into the kitchen to make my beautiful wife breakfast.

I plan on making her her favourite, blueberry pancakes. As I'm making the batter I feel two gentle arms wrap around my waist and soft lips graze along my back.

I turn around to see Katniss smiling at me, I lean in to kiss her and we kiss for about 5 minutes because Katniss gets hungry.

I serve her the pancakes and she thanks me. I know I have to ask her now.

"Katniss." I say

"Peeta." she says, mimicking my tone.

"Have you ever thought about having children?"

"Yes." she answers bluntly

"What do you think?" I ask her

"Well I've actually been thinking about it a lot lately. I always said I never wanted children of the fear of them getting reaped for the games, but things are different now and I kinda want to start a family with you." she says looking into me eyes.

"Really?" I ask

"Yeah." She says shyly.

"I love you so much Katniss." I say smashing my lips onto hers. She laughs under the kiss and says "I love you too."

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