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i woke up with the light shining bright into my eyes. chase was still fast asleep. I smiled at his presence. I got up and looked out the window. my mom still isnt home or maybe she came home but left.

I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and Im already noticing my hips are getting wider. I started the hot shower and got in. after about 20 minutes i got out and put on a fairly comfortable outfit which consisted of some high waisted distressed shorts, a white crop tank and my white toms. I braided my hair into a crown braid. i can't even lie I was cute. I put on my pink matte with just a little lip gloss over it. i walked out the bathroom confident as ever.

"damn baby, it's too early." chase said as he sat up. "shut yo lazy ass up" I said while picking up my phone to check my messages. I nearly screamed when I saw the message appear. "what the hell wrong with you?!" chase asked concerned. "my sister is coming home! he's coming home chase!" I said jumping up and down. "sister?" chase asked confused. "yes stupid! my sister zoe." I said happily. "since when did you have a sister?" he asked raising a eyebrow. "since before I was born, she's in the marines." I said grabbing my purse and phone. "look, I have to go meet her at the airport. I'm catching the bus. go home and get dressed. be back here in a couple of hours." I said kissing his soft lips before running down the stairs. I didn't even want a reply. I knew he would offer a ride but I didnt want one plus its nice outside so I'll be fine.

I stood at the bus stop anxiously waiting on the stupid bus. the bus arrived about 10 minutes later. I was just about to step on the bus when some boy came off and bumped face first into me. "I'm sorry" he said holding my shoulder. "its fine." I said looking into his deep brown eyes. we stood for a moment just looking when I was interrupted by the bus drivers mean voice saying "we don't have all day.". with that I pushed past him and got on the bus.

something went through me as i watched out the window as he looked at me. I snapped back to reality and put in the ear pods. that was really weird.

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