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         ~Chapter Three~

I had to stay in the hospital for a week. Each day I was there Hizoka and his parents would come and visit me. They would be there early in the morning sometimes before I would wake up. A few days I woke and Hizoka would be sleeping beside me. They would stay with me, until the nurses had to tell them they had to leave and that they could come back tomorrow, as soon as visiting hours started.

In that week Hizoka and I became close. When he left to go home I was always so sad, I wanted him to stay with me, never leave me. Every night one of the nurses would find me crying. They would always ask me what was wrong and I'd always tell them that I wanted Hizoka here with me. The nurse would leave and return a few minutes later and hand me her cell phone, she'd "tell me you can't talk long," while she helped me to my bed. I'd lay there and listen to Hizoka. He'd talk to me, until I fell asleep. When I woke he'd be right there beside me.

The last day I was in the hospital some men in suits came to visit me. A tall, bulky looking man, with short spiked brown hair told me that my foster father was in jail.

"So what does this mean for Taki? Where will he go now? Will he be put back in foster care?" Ask's Heather, Hizoka's mother.

Hizoka and I sit there, on the bed holding each others hands tightly.

"No. Child Protective Services has found out Taki has family in the area. He will go and live with them." answer's a short thin man, his wavy blonde hair pulled back in a low pigtail.

None of us can see the men's faces clearly, all of them wear sunglasses and all are clean shaven.

"Will I still be able to see Hizoka?" I ask. "I don't want to lose him."

"Yes, you can see him." answer's the blonde man. "The people your going to live with are your Aunt and her husband. There house is actually very close to Mr. and Mrs. Canno's home. In fact it's actually on the same street. You could walk to each others homes, of course with permission."

"You hear that! Your going to be my neighbor!" Say's Hizoka shaking me, slightly startling me. "You'll be living down the road from me. I'll be able to come and see you every day!" Looking to his mother and father. "Right?" He ask's.

Hizoka's parents look at each other, suprised by Hizoka's sudden outburst."Right." They both respond, smiling, laughing softly to themselves.

"Well then, Taki are you ready to meet your Aunt and Uncle. Their waiting to meet you." Ask's the man with the spiked hair.

"What do you mean meet him? Haven't they met Taki before?" Ask's Kevin, Hizoka's father.

"Well, Taki do you know anything about your Mother and Father?" ask's the pigtail guy.

"All I know is what I've been told." I tell him.

"And that is?" He ask's

"I was told that both my Mother and Father were killed in a car accident, also I remember something about a kid. I know that I was in the accident too, but I somehow survived and they didn't. I don't really know much though." I tell them, stareing down at Hizoka's hands.

"Is that true?" Ask's Heather.

"Sadly, yes. Both of Taki's parent's were killed, but somehow Taki and his brother survived. His brother was put into foster care and was soon taken out, by their Aunt and Uncle, only a few days after being put in it. Taki though was just a baby. Tish, his aunt had know idea that her sister had had another child." Explained the spiked guy, taking of his sunglasses, to reveal bright green eyes.

"How in the world did they not know she had another child?" Ask's Kevin, anger filling his normaly calm voice.

"Taki's mother and father did not live here in the U.S, they lived in Germany. Aparently they were a poor family and could not afford to keep in contact. The only reason Taki is here in the U.S is because, Tish and her husband, Brad had sent the family plane tickets." Explained the blonde, now removing his glasses, his eyes also green.

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