Chapter 3

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(The next day) = Saturday

I wake up super early just to get ready for my so called date with cameron, thinking it's not a date but at the same time I think it is. More questions are going through my head." What if he doesn't like my outfit? What if he doesn't like my hair or my makeup"? So I hurry and get dressed and has curling my hair I get a text message saying " hey we still meeting up?" I answer back quickly "yep, I'm almost ready" I was so excited. just thinking that I'm hanging out with cameron Dallas just makes my heart feel very happy.

So we meet up and we are hanging out, he takes me it to lunch and we go walk along the ocean, I'm not gunna tell you the details of the whole day because that would take forever. But I will tell you that has we were walking along the ocean we stopped and we hugged and he looked me right in the eyes and said he liked me and we kissed, as the sun was setting, it was perfect. And that night he texting me saying this >> " hey Alexis, I just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun hanging out with you today, your a really great girl, and your beautiful! And I just wanted to tell you that I've liked you for a while and just never told you and I was gunna ask you something but gunna call you and ask you it." I was so nervous at what he was gunna ask me. I stared at my phone for like 10 mintues. Then his name showed up on my phone and I answered and was like " so what I wanted to tell you that a REALLY like you, so I want you to be in my life, do you want to be?"

At that moment I was so happy, so of course I said yes, and now me and cameron are a thing, my life was complete. I just couldn't believe that this kid that I have been crushing on for the longest time is now my boyfriend.

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