4. Introducing yourself ^^

{Today lesson is all about introducing yourself. I’ll gonna teach you first the basic. So hope you understand it. Keke~ haeng uneul bireoyo}

"Hello! My name is SehunnieWifie."

1. Very Polite

Annyeonghaseyo! Jeo ireumeun SehunnieWifie imnida

[This kind of introduction of yourself is only using when talking to someone that is really older or a professional people or inshort this is a very polite introduction of yourself]

Annyeonghaseyo! Jeonun SehunnieWifie imnida.

[This is the other term for introducing yourself in a polite way]

3. Formal

Annyeonghaseyo! Jeonun SehunnieWifie-ieyo.

Annyeonghaseyo! SehunnieWifie-imnida.

3. Casual

Annyeonghaseyo! Nae Ireumeun SehunnieWifie -yah.

Naneun, SehunnieWifie-yah!


Annyeonghaseyo-(formal used) Hello

Jeonun- (read as Chonun and a formal used) I am

Ireum, Ireumi, Ireumeun- Name

Naneun- (casual way) I am


A/n: Kekeke~ Annyeonghaseyo readers! Sorry for my VERY  VERY VERY late update. Hahaha! I hope you understand my tutorial.

By the way. Here’s my tip. Always watch korean k-drama with english subtitles. Kekeke~ I only learned it to k-dramas and apply it to myself and teach it to you. Tss. Recycle. XD

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Tomorrow lesson: How to ask a name.



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