Wolf of the Black Moon Prologue

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Point of View- Avalance Banemsater

It was bright. The night sky was shining with city lights down below and no star can be seen. The blue moon was all alone as I was pondering if anyone but me can stand still and appreciate it's beauty. It was full and big yet it's bluish radiance was almost unnoticeable because it was muffled by the light and noise it's supposed to shine upon. It was my last night in the city and the moon was the only one who bid me farewell. We were both alone but never felt lonely. It appreciated It's solitude as I did mine. It shined brighter the less stars it shared the sky with. I closed my eyes and smiled as I faced the moon. I raised my arms to feel the wind. It was strong enough to carry a small child.

I was at the rooftop of a 60 stories skyscraper. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and ran towards the edge. I jumped off the skyscraper and looked down. I saw flickering lights, fast cars moving in different directions. It was dead late but the streets were filled with people. I closed my eyes again as I fell for a few seconds. There was a point in my free fall that time seemed to stop. I heard the city below. Horns from cars and music from clubs. I heard faint conversations, laughter, cries, shouts, moans and the like. The air was filled with different scents too. A cocktail of fragrance. There was smoke, sweat, blood and wine and beer. My senses are incredibly sharp specially on full moons. I can see at least a kilometer away. I can hear clearly within a mile radius and can detect a scent even farther. As I realized I was about to land, I opened my eyes and I was just a few meters away from crashing the roof of a 10 storied building.

There was a scent of a human female at the roof about the same age as me. I could hear her heartbeat and paced breathing. There was sorrow in her heart. She had long brown hair and had glasses like mine except it had red frame. I knew my landing wouldn't go unnoticed. But its either she sees me or the folks below. I braced myself as I tried to land with minimal noise. i landed at the edge with both my feet and one hand for support as I squatted. It was not a noisy landing but it can't be helped that there was a THUMP sound when I landed on my sneakers. I heard her heartbeat become faster and sensed fear. She turned towards me and said with a trembling voice;

"W-who's there?!"

Even though it was dark I had no trouble making out the details in her face. Her green eyes and pupils dilated. She was biting her pink lips. Her skin had a pinkish white glow. She was indeed beautiful. She was wearing a dark red night gown so I thought I landed on a condominium or hotel. She was Squinting her eyes trying to make out my image but it was too dark for her human eyes to see. She can only make out a human boy's silhouette. I smiled and thought I would make this night interesting as I ran towards the next edge and jumped around 50 feet high towards the next rooftop. I did not look at her face but I could tell she was surprised. Her heartbeat became faster than before. There was a scent of sweat from the back of her neck. And the aroma of fear was even stronger now. I was just glad she didn't faint or wet herself. I would feel guilty then I have to get involved with her and bring her to the hospital or something. Without looking back, I jumped from rooftop to rooftop. There was foreign scent in the city and I heard conversations that some pimp sold under aged girls to foreign businessman. I had a huge grin on my face. I thought " before I leave this place, I think I want to play "Vigilante dark hero" this once..

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