Chapter Eleven ~ Bambi

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Chapter Eleven ~ Bambi

John Green has ripped my heart out and fed it to the lions...

Ava Chance

The wait in the hospital was ridiculously long. Several times I mentioned leaving but Cooper quickly rejected that idea. We were waiting in the dull waiting room; the walls were a pale pink, there were worn out blue couches, and the floor was covered by so much different things I couldn't even tell if the floor had once been white.

"Are you okay?" Cooper finally managed to ask, as he shook his leg violently up and down like he was nervous.

I nodded my head, unable to speak.

I wanted to throw up, but the idea of puking in the middle of the room where everyone could see me was what stopped me.

"Do you need to throw up?" I rolled my eyes at him while nodding.

"Should I call your grandma?"

Immediately, I shook my head no. I had just fought with her less than three hours ago and was not ready to face her wrath, especially since I was with Cooper.

"Ava, this could be serious," he stated, trying to convince me, but I only shrugged.

"Baby doll-" he began but was cut off.

"Ava Chance?" A doctor questioned as she stepped into the waiting room, looking up from her wooden clipboard.

Both Cooper and I stood up, as she motioned for us to follow.

We followed her into a small checkup room; the walls and furniture were in much better condition than the waiting room as I sat on a weird bed.

The doctor had reddish brown hair pulled into a bun, her eyes were a bright green and her tight, pale lips were curved into a smile. This pretty woman wore the traditional white doctor's coat as well as matching pink slacks and shirt, and some white running shoes.

"I'm Doctor Maxwell, not quite sure if you remember me but I was your Doctor when you were younger." I nodded, remembering very well Doctor Maxwell and the candy treats she used to give me.

''So what seems to be the problem?'' She asked, sitting down and ready to take notes on her clipboard.

Before I could even speak Cooper beat me to it.

''Well she's been puking nonstop.'' Dr. Maxwell nodded, while she wrote down the symptoms. ''She can't even hold it down, she's pale and the vomit was green-yellowish.'' Dr. Maxwell stopped after hearing the color of the vomit. Looking up, she looked almost knowing.

''Did this vomit happen to burn your throat?" She asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, I was crying - how did you kn-"

"Did you feel nauseous every time you stood up?"


"Did you get your flu shots?" She cut me off again.

"No," I told her at the exact moment I realized what the problem was.

"Sounds like a nasty case of the flu, and I can tell you have stress to top it all off." She opened a medicine cabinet at the back of the room. "We'll keep you over night to make sure we get food in your system. With the medicine you should be up and running in two days, but it's a good thing you came. It could've gotten really bad. Especially with your condition Ava," She informed me.

"I know," I replied.

"Now we will relocate you to your own room, I'll phone your grandmother, and this young gentleman can follow us down to your room."

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