Let's Get This Money B.

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* Brandon's POV *

"Aye bruh, where this nigga at?" I asked my nigga Trigga.

"The alley B, let's go find his hoe ass." He replied, while smirking.

That could only mean one thing.

I returned the smirk & then put on my ski mask, while grabbing my uzi .

We were both about to make somebody beg for their life.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the alley, which really is a alley.

You see alot of my little workers hang out here, because that's where the most crackheads & etc are during the day.

We got connections with a police officer from 12, so we good on them.

"You see him?" I asked Trigga.

"Nah bruh, wait ain't that him?"

We both concentrated on this person & bingo! It was him.

We quickly jogged over to his way, not before telling one of my workers to watch out for us.

"Well, well, well.. look who we have here." I said, while loading my clip.

Greg looked scared as fuck.

"K-King, wha-what are you d-doing here?" He asked, while trembling.

"Fuck allat, where the money at?" Trigga asked him.

I mentally smiled at that. See Trigga, he never gave a fuck about feelings. He always was the one to get straight down to business, no questions asked! That's why he my a1 , day1. I've been riding with him since diaper days!

I held my uzi to Greg's head, while Trigga aimed at his head as well.

"You heard him. Where's the money?" I asked, with much more bass to my voice.

Greg looked like he was about to shit himself, but oh well.

"I-I need a little bit more ti-"


I cut him off, well me & Trigga cut him off putting 3 shots each to his head.

"Don't fuck with my money." I said, more to myself.

But Trigga heard me anyways.

"Already a1." He said, while smiling & dapping me up.

We both got in my audi & headed back to the trap. Which took another 30 minutes.

Once we got there, we greeted our security & made our way to my office.

Everyone seemed to be working, but suddenly I heard gun shots.

I looked back at Trigga & saw that he had shot one of the workers.

"Trigga! The fuck bruh?" I asked, confused.

He looked at me with one of those crazy, killer, wide-eyed looks.

"That bitch was stealing product, she had to go. Ole loose pussy ass! & her head game weak. Bitch can't suck the tip without chocking! Gah damn!" He said, while shaking his head.

Everyone busted out laughing, including me of course.

That nigga was crazy as hell, but that's my brodie.

"I'ma go count some shit up." I said, without waiting for a response.

Now let me introduce myself.

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