I woke up at about 9:00 and decided to call the girls about going to the mall later to buy my dress for the dinner party.

"hi Kathy, just called to see if you wanna go to the mall later and i will call Laura after?" I said to her on my iphone.

"yeah of corse what time?" she asked back

"um lets say 11:30 i will meet you at your house in the car because Patrick can drive me." i suggested meaning daddys private driver.

"yeah sure good idea i will make sure im standing outside by then."

"ok byee im gonna talk to Laura." and i put down the phone. then i called up Laura and she said she could come too.

"james, can you get me some ceral for breakfast " i called down to him, and soon enough he came back up with cheereos.

" and tell mom im going to the mall at 11:30 oh, and ask parick if he can drive me because i cant be bothered to walk." he nodded his head and went downstairs. Now I had to find something to wear to go to the mall. I didnt want to look too dressed up but i didnt want to look as if im a tramp with money, so i decided on wearing a loose shirt with tight acid washed, high waisted shorts and converse. Let my hair down, mainly because i didnt have time to tackle it. I wore dark red tint lip gloss eyeliner and and mascara, and then I was ready to go shopping.

  "is patrick outside?" i asked james when i had gone downstairs.

 "yes the car is outside." he replied with a smile.

 "alright when you see mom tell her i have gone to the mall and will be back before people will start arriving." 

 " ok have a good day. he smiled and walked off probaly to sort out preperations for the dinner party.

 I walked outside and saw the familiar black jaguar outside with a very formal man in a black suit, also known as patrick, but he never talk apart from when you where you want to go. He has been working for daddy for 13 years yet he has never said a word to me apart 'from where to?', even though he knows that it is most likely to the mall.

 "hi patrick." getting a nod in reply

 "to the mall, but via the girls." in and i said as i got in and fastened my seatbelt. after abou ten minutes of awkward silence we got to laura and as if on cue as soon as we got there she walked out.

 "hey tazia, you look really pretty, as always." she complimented me.

 "i like the way you have done your hair." i have never been very good at retuning compliments so i just stuck to that.

 "so can kathy come?" she asked when we got in to the car.

 "yes we are going to get her next." i said to her as if it was the most obviouse thing in the world. After we picked up Kathy we spent the rest of the journey talking about my date with Eric and how jelouse they are, i guess i would be if i wasnt me, but i am, so its all good.

"thanks patrick." the girls said to him and as always they were returned with a nod from him. I didn't have to worry about him not being here when we got back because he just sits in the car, it like his sacred temple, so he is happy just sitting in there doing nothing. He sure is a weired guy, but as long as he drives me im happy.

 "where we going first?" kathy asked me.

 "huumm, well topshop is over there and then we can just make our way through here, but i deffo need to get a new dress for tonight." and our shopping trip had begun!

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