Chapter 10: Unexpected Events

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Chapter 10: Unexpected Events.

A/N: So, a quick little author's note at the beginning here. But um, the main character's name has changed, instead of Victoria, it's going to be Vixen. Alright? Alright, read on if you will.

"That was amazing." I said stretching my arms.

"Yeah, you want to walk around a bit before the guys come to pick us up?" Matt asked.

"Why not? It's a beautiful night." I replied with a smile. Matt and I walked out of the theater and down a sidewalk towards a park of some sorts. I felt Matt move his hand closer to my own, and I grabbed his hand. I looked towards him and Matt smiled.

"That's better." Matt said.

"Yeah, I agree." The two of us walked for a bit and we came across a small alleyway. Stopping, I leaned up against the side of one of the building and looked and the cars passing by.

"So." I said.

"So." Matt and I stared off at random things, trying to pass time. Suddenly, I heard a faint mew from the back of the alleyway.

"Wait, was that a cat?" I asked.

"Yeah, sounds like a kitten actually."

"It sounds like it's hurt." I walked closer towards the noise and went into the darker parts of the alley. Matt followed behind me, walking a bit slower than I was. I saw two faintly glowing eyes, and assumed they were the cats. I bent down and held out my hand for the cat to sniff it, Matt did the same, but I heard two pairs of footsteps behind us.

"Matt, who's behind us?" I whispered, my voice shaky.

"I don't know." Matt whispered back.

"Now what do we have here? Two little kids on a date?" A gruff voice said.

"Seems like it." Another said. I turned around very slowly, two men were standing there. One clearly older than the other, but not by much. On the younger man I could see a faint bit of silver. The older man, he clearly had the shape of a gun hidden in his pants. Just barely covered up by his coat.

"Matt. What do they want?" I whispered.

"Oh, just simply your valuables. Nothing too big really." The younger one said casually.

"You'd think I would really let you take them?" Matt warned standing up.

"It's either you give them to us by choice, or we will take them by force. Your choice." The older said.

"Vixen, run and get the guys. They should be here by now." Matt whispered.

"I'm not leaving you here alone!" I replied.

"Who said I was alone?" Matt said with a smirk. He casually motioned over to just behind the two men and I saw Bryn leaning up against the wall that I was just at. He was twirling around what looked to be a switchblade in his hands. He had a sly look on his face.

"So, I heard you want to steel from my friends. That probably isn't the best choice." Bryn said coldly. I stood up and waited for my chance. Bryn came closer as did the two men. I saw a small opening and took my chance. I ran underneath the older guys legs and broke into a sprint down the almost empty streets. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled Eddie's number.

"Pick up, pick up, come on Eddie!" I mumbled as it rang.

"Hello?" Eddie's voice said.

"Eddie! Thank god you picked up, we need help." I said quickly. "Where are you guys?"

"Near the theater, what's wrong?!" Eddie replied.

"Matt and I ran into some trouble, just head down the street to the right of the theater. And hurry!" I said in a panic.

"I'm coming just stay safe!" Eddie said, we ended the call and I stopped running. What the hell am I doing?! I need to go and help them! I turned around and began to run the way I had just came from.

"Vixen! Wait up!" A voice yelled. I turned around and saw Eddie and Aleks racing towards me.

"Eddie! Aleks! They're over this way!" I yelled in return. I waited for them to catch up a bit and then took off running again.

"What happened?!" Aleks asked.

"Matt and I were walking and we heard a cat, we checked it out because it sounded like it was hurt or something. Turns out it was a trap for some robbers." I explained.

"And you left him alone with the two?!" Eddie asked.

"No! That would be stupid!" I replied. "Bryn, one of our friends, is with him!" As we neared the alleyway, I heard grunts and groans of pain. We turned the corner to see Bryn just barley standing, Matt on the ground clutching his arm. But both of the men were on the ground curled up into a ball. "Bryn, Matt?"

"Are you guys okay?" Aleks asked, he ran over to Matt and knelt down to the ground.

"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks to Bryn." Matt said looking up at him.

"No problem." Bryn took his knife and wiped the blood off of it on his sleeve. "I'll be leaving now." He walked out of the alley, without another word.

"I'll call the police." Eddie said, he left the alleyway and began to call the police. I looked at the two men lying on the ground, wow, Bryn and Matt did a number on these guys. Soon I heard police sirens, as well as a ambulance's siren. I walked over to Matt and sat down beside him.

"Thank you." I said giving him a hug.

"My pleasure."

A/N: Well, that was unexpected to say the least. Not much more to say today, I hope you've all had a great day! I've been Vicerry, take care guys!

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