Unknown Power

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Chapter 6

Rhea stared at the boy on her bed. He looked about fifteen and if she looked closely, they were quite similar in appearance. They both had dark black hair and an olive complexion, although she was a bit lighter, and there really wasn’t that much of a difference in their eye colours. They both had the same facial structure and the same shaped eyes. He could have been her older brother…no, that’s not possible because she was an only child and she would know if she had any siblings.

Rhea was brought out of her musings as the boy on her bed stirred and woke up. She smiled half-heartedly as his eyes locked with hers. He grinned at her before pulling back the covers and standing up. He looked steadier this time and only stumbled slightly as he stood up. He was quite tall and easily towered over Rhea.

Rhea sighed dejectedly and thought about how to politely tell the boy that he couldn’t stay. She looked up and opened her mouth to speak.

“You look better…” Rhea started weakly.

The boy looked at her in confusion before realising what she had said.

“Oh yeah, sorry I didn’t hear you for a second there. Yeah, I feel much better. I’m Nico by the way, I should have told you that before but I guess I was too tired.” Nico laughed sheepishly.

Rhea smiled and shook her head.

“That’s fine; you were injured so it’s not your fault.”

Nico glanced around her room before looking at her curiously.

“How come you have so many medical textbooks? Is that how you were able to treat my injuries?” Nico asked.

Rhea looked sad but Nico thought he imagined it because she smiled when she answered.

“I want to be a doctor like my mum. These are all her textbooks and they are really good. I was able to treat you because of them.”

Nico looked at her thoughtfully.

“Aren’t you only eight? How can you understand such complicated text books and already be able to treat someone’s injuries?” He questioned.

Rhea smiled proudly before answering.

“Mum always said I was smart and the textbooks aren’t really that complicated. It’s easy to understand if you really want to become a doctor. I might only be eight but I am smarter than any other normal eight year old.

Nico smiled mysteriously.

She could be a daughter of Athena, she’s that smart.

Nico stiffened as he felt three malicious auras heading towards the bedroom. It was a power of his, from his father, to be able to sense evil or bad auras of people and monsters. It was quite useful in a fight because it gave him time to get away before he was attacked.

Rhea glanced at him curiously but then trembled as the door was kicked down and two men and a woman barged in.

The woman looked at Nico before settling her gaze on Rhea.

“You stupid child! I told you to get rid of that brat. Why is he still here?” Rhea’s aunt roared.

Rhea shook in fear and stepped a bit closer to Nico.

“I-I was going to b-but he was still s-sleeping,” she managed to stutter out.

Her aunt’s eyes narrowed before she stalked forward and grabbed her wrist in a painful grip. Rhea started struggling and tried to wrench her wrist out of her aunt’s grasp.

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