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I quickly grab my phone and text Saphira!  she spazed out with me and we ended up  face timing and kept on talking about what we both saw on the news.

The next week we were all going back to Saphira's house. We told Rebecca about it but she didnt ready believe us so we showed her on youtube at school and she had no dought that we werent lying.

My mom drops me off at Saphiras and as i get out of the car both Rebecca and Saphira run out and grab my stuff and we all run inside and back up to the attick.

We lock the door ro her room and sit in a circle, we all start talking about the news. We stay up late talking about it and if he comes and meets us.

We all decide to go outside and talk on the trampoline, we throw on our jackets and run out the door, its getting dark now.

Its about 8:00 and we are all laying on the trampoline looking at the stars and making creepy pasta characters with their shapes.
They talk as i just stare at a figure that looks like Jeff made of stars.

We all agree that we should go inside so we head in and we pass out at around 12:30.

I wake up, Saphira and Rebecca arent awake yet, i check my phone and its 6:07 in the morning.

I get up slowly and quietly walk over to the window, I look outside, there is a clear veiw of the forest. I glance and look in between the trees, it kinda looks scary...

I look a little longer and see slight foot prints coming from the forest, i follow them with my eyes and see a figure in a white hoodie, in an instant he looks up and all i see is some blood on his sweater and... a red cut smile.. i fall to the ground, and swear this is all a dream, im huddled infront of the window, hiding. I peer back up and hes still there! I go back down and try to tap Saphira, she groans and rustles but doesn't get up.

I hear a tap at the window and i look slowly, hes throwing rocks at the window! I look at him and hes smiling at me... what the heck!

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