I got up, went straight to the bathroom and washed. I brushed my hair and teeth before padding into my room to find Luke whimpering on the floor.

"Luke... what happened?" I said patiently.

"I fell over this..." he said holding up a black lacy bra. I gasped lunged at him but he rolled and got up. He ran through the door and straight into bailey. He hid the bra behind him and whistled and walked away like nothing had happened. I grabbed a dictionary and whacked him round the back of the head playfully. I grabbed the bra from him and ran to my room where I locked the door. I laughed and turned up my music to full blast.

Baby bitch by ween was playing and I sang along calmly ignoring Luke knocking on the door. I pulled on a white blouse and blue skinny jeans. Then I straightened my hair as usual and put on my blue zip up hoodie and converse. When I opened the door Luke barged in and got dressed faster than I've ever seen anybody get dressed.

We were walking around the shops and bailey had her football jersey on and skinny jeans. She wore black converse and her bleach blonde hair was curled and hung perfectly over her shoulders. Luke walked sheepishly behind bailey until she turned around and said

"Luke, stop being a fucking pussy! I'm not that horrible! Pull your shit together and grow a fudging pair you man bear pig!" Luke laughed and suddenly obviously felt comfertable around my strange sister. Suddenly there was a wolf whistle behind us and bailey was the only one who didn't turn around.

"Sorry guys... I ain't into whistlers..." she smirked.

"We weren't whistling at you, we're whistling and who is this? Your sister?" Bailey's face was full of anger but Luke's face was worse. Bailey saw this and said to him.

"I'll go for the main one, you go for the other..." I panicked but suddenly... my best friends turned the corner.

"ASH! MIKEY! CAL!" They saw me and they saw bailey and Luke go for the guys. I whipped round and hooked bailey, but she was too strong. Michael hooked her arms for me and held her back, she was kicking and screaming

"FUCKING SCUM! FUCKING TALK ABOUT MY HAYLEY LIKE THAT! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!" She screeched. Luke was different. Ash and cal had hold of him and he was still too strong. I ran over and stood between Luke and the five boys that had whistled. He looked at me.

"Hayley, move out of the way..."

I stood my ground

"Hayley, please, let me get them..."

"You can't take on five Luke... not on your own..."

Luke looked At ash Mikey and cal.

"What did they do exactly to get the kick in of their life?" Ash said.

"They whistled at Hayley..." Luke said calmly but not calmly if you catch my drift...

"Oh no they didn't... cal Mikey. Let's get these mofo's..." Ashton said letting go of Luke.

"AW shit..." was all the whistlers said before my sister and my friends dived on them.

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