Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

As the bell rang, I felt all my problems fly away. Vacation, summer. It was all finally here. I wouldn’t have to see Amanda or the Wicked Witch of the East and her clique for two whole months. The best part was that tonight I was sleeping over at Kate’s house with Mary and Caroline, my best friends.  Mary’s boyfriend Joe, Kate’s boyfriend James, Carter, and Austin are also invited! You will never guess where Kate invited us for the entire summer vacation. Are you ready for this? We are flying business class tomorrow to go to her beautiful beach villa in Los Angeles, to be exact, in Malibu. I know that sounds crazy, right? The only reason my parents let me go is because their best friends Elizabeth and Charles, Kate’s parents, are also coming with us on this dream vacation.

Like everybody else in the classroom, I threw all my books in the air and ran out of there like there was a fire or something. I went to my locker followed by Kate, Mary and Caroline. I picked up the keys to my brand new pink convertible. I put in a little purple basket all of my photos, souvenirs, the gold letter that spell my name, Emma and my little heart shaped mirror of course. Mary led us to the parking lot, followed by her entourage. Holding Joe’s hand she announced:

“-Joe you come with me in my car, we will follow Kate, who I suppose can take James and Carter. Of course, Care and Tyler will go with Em. All good?

-Perfect, we all replied.”

I jumped in the front seat of my car since I was driving. Next to me was sitting a bright blue suitcase it was Care’s. Since the trunk wasn’t big enough for three suitcases we had no choice but to put it in the front seat. Austin and my bestie settled in the back seat of my pink car. I put on some Taylor Swift music from my iPhone, she is like my favorite singer. Caroline started talking and said: “-Okay are you guys ready for the best summer of our whole freaking lives?

-Yeah girl, I exclaimed.

-I call dibs on the window seat in the airplane, shouted Care as loud as she possibly could.

-No fair, you know I love the window seat, expressed Austin.

-Sorry hon, you should of thought of it earlier, declared Caroline


-Thank you” replied Caroline in super exited way. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and I am pretty sure I saw him blush. I mean Caroline is a tall beautiful blond girl with deep blue eyes; I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a crush on her. On her side, Caroline admitted a couple of months earlier having a huge crush on a guy with brown hair and green eyes. She never said who it was, but that is exactly what Austin looks like. 

When we finally arrived at Kate’s palace of a house, Elizabeth and Charles were waiting on the front porch. They knew all of us 16-year-old kids since we were like 5. They gave each one of us a hug. Charles announced: “-I am so happy you could all make it! I hope your all ready for tomorrow. We leave the house at 6 am so we will have an early dinner and please don’t go to bed to late or you will be exhausted. I hope you all like burger because we are having a barbecue.

-Yes daddy, we all love burgers, were going to relax at the pool call us when its time for dinner please, said Kate.

-Thank you so much for having us Charles and Elizabeth, we’re so exited, declared Mary.

- Yeah, thanks a lot, we’re psyched, Caroline and I said pretty much at the same time.

-Thank you very much, said the four boys.

-The pleasure is all ours, we’re glad we could make you all so happy”, kindly said Elizabeth. She is an averaged size mom that did honestly look like a model. I am pretty sure she was in the mid-forty’s. She has raven black hair and clear brown eyes. She is extremely kind and it looks like she is a pretty good mothers considering how well my best friend turned out. Kate does have a couple tics that she gets from her mother. She is always flipping her long and curly dark brown hair. She’s pretty much each time you look at her applying some of her favorite red lip-gloss. I mean at least that nice lip-gloss makes her big green eyes come out.

We were chilling by the pool, just tanning at least that’s what us girls were doing. On the over hand I had absolutely no idea were the boys were, I am pretty sure there had been gone for a good 15 minutes so I decides to ask if my friends had an idea of the guys where about's; “-Hey where are the boys I haven’t seen them for a while.

-Oh my gosh your right where are the guys? Said Caroline.

-Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll be back any minute, announced Mary.

-Yeah girls don’t worry they’re probably doing something stupid like most of time when there not with us” concluded Kate.

What Kate didn’t know is that she was right. We all got back to our tanning when suddenly a water bomb exploded an each one of us. What none of knew is that it wasn’t over yet. James Grabbed Kate, Joe did the same with Mary. Next think I knew Carter, a tall blond guy with curly hair and green eyes, my best friend had taken me, and Austin did the same for Caroline. The four boys jumped in the pool holding us. We were soaking wet. But we weren’t that surprise, that’s the kind of thing these guys do, and that’s the way we love them. “We got yah!” Yelled the boys. We weren’t really mad because I guess we were kind of ignoring them will we were tanning and that is there way to tell us they need our attention. We played around in the freezing water for about 10 minutes we were just splashing around the guys did their new thing the called it synchronized jumping. After that, we went to the hot tub and relax until it was time for dinner I was sitting right next to Mary. She started talking and flipping her blond and straight hair all over the place, we barely see her brown eyes covered in mascara. She started saying: “- OMG, I am so happy I am not going to have to see Carrie for two months. I hate her so much I some times feel like pulling her eye balls out or breaking in her house and trashing her wardrobe. I would enjoy so much seeing her face when she would come to school the next wearing last seasons, she said laughing.

-Babe don’t over do it she isn’t that bad, declared Joe.

-Are you kidding me, said Mary, she once “accidentally” spilled her entire orange juice glass all over my clothes, and it isn’t all, on my way to the principal’s office, she pushed me down the stairs so that I would break my arm and that she could take my spot as the cheerleader captain;

-Oh well when you put it that way it does sound pretty bad, answered her beau.

-I think, I have the perfect way to get back at her, I said, Joe can I please have your phone?

-Sure, but why? Replied Joe

- Well, we all know Carrie has huge crush on you right?

-Yeah, I guess so, said Joe and Mary at the same time.

-Well I will send her a text from your phone saying that you love her and that you want to meet up at Dairy Queen. Then you stand her up, she will be furious. The best part is still to come, us, the girls al go there and take pictures of her waiting for Joe that will never show up and we send the pics to Harry. He will feel so betrayed that he will probably brake up with her! Voila, that is my master plan to get back at all the pain that she has caused us over the years.

-OMG Em, you’re a genius and that is why I love you! Declared Mary.

-DINNER TIME KIDS!! Announced Charles from distance.

- WE’LL BE THERE IN A MINUTE, shouted his beloved daughter.

-I’ll just send her the text now is 9 a good time?

-Perfect, said Carter, I am so exited I have never done a diabolic plan.”

We all laughed and went to dinner.

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