Alone but free

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I woke up feeling fingers in my hair , i saw an angle sleeping , he was holding my waist and the other hand threw my hair , i smiled at the thought of him sleeping in my arms , he looked so hot shirtless

i can't fathom what happened yesterday , its just too much for a day

our first date was surly interesting notice my sarcasm

I remembered what happened when we went in the room and how Justin just went wild i think from the amount of alcohol , and we slept together (A/N I don't know if i should detail their first time or not if you want me to let me know i'll write a chapter for it)

I looked at my wrists seeing red marks and bruises , it really hurts this boy can't control his anger !
, i slowly moved his hands from me not wanting to wake him up , i slowly slide from my bed when i felt a hand grabbing me back
"5 more minutes" Justin said wrapping his arms around me and damn he has some sexy morning voice
I sighed " i want to take a shower" i said

"ok ok fine" he tells me and i laugh and clim off the bed

"Ow"i say before i can take another step

"Are you okay" Justin asked looking up at me

"Yeah just sore" i say

"Its normal cause its your first time, you want me to help you?" He ask concerned

"No i'm fine" i say and head to the bathroom , the first thing i saw was myself in the mirror
"Whoah" i say looking at my reflection , my cheeks were flushed my face looked so much prettier if that even makes since , i even feel like my body feels different .

"Wow" i smiled admiring myself , I pushed down the hem of Justin's white shirt and my hickeys were visible , hollyshit i'm gonna be so embarrassed if my father saw this

I jumped in the shower and the hot water relaxed my sore body , i inhale and smiled at the memory of last night and Justin's hand on my body, the way he called my name last night, the feeling is still on my body and the actions is still there on my head . My smiled disappeared when the events of the party came , iJustin hurted me in so many ways last night that i lost count , why does he have to be like this

I went out and he wasn't there

Did he left i felt disappointed maybe he felt unwanted from the way i treated him , i really don't care actually

i dried my hear put on some light blue jeans , a black loose shirt , my white vans which have little cute flowers , i put on a bold eyeliner and a light pink lipgloss with my owl neckless and my black hand bag
I tight my hair up on a huge messy bun since my hair is so tall and thick , i put around my head a black headband i put perfume and decided to have breakfast at Starbucks

I don't know why but today i feel like i wanna look good

i closed my room door heading down stairs

my eyes widen when i saw him standing infront of me , shirtless .

"Good morning Princes " Justin said grinning at me , he was standing
By the table with breakfast
"Good morning" i smiled nervously wow i never thought Justin is that kind of the guys who would surprise their girlfriends with breakfast

Am i even his girlfriend

He moved the chair so i can sit
"thanks" i said , he sat down on a chair infront of me

"i made you breakfast" he said

"Yea i can see that" i said joking looking at all the food he made , its just a breakfast whats all that , its like he made a feast

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