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Rose (POV)

  I put Daisha to sleep and Roc wasn't still home. did I make him that mad. I begin to tear a little but I held it together. he was almost gone for 5 hours now. I was beginning to think he's cheating the word stood out. But no I wasn't gonna let my thoughts get the best of me. I went downstairs and started making me some tea. then I heard a knock on a door. I answer it was that girl Kayla ugh she need to swerve.

me: (sigh) what do ya want

she was in tears a little

Kayla: chres is in the hospital

me: what!

Kayla: common my parents will drive us there

when we got to the hospital I  ran to the nurse at the desk

nurse: May I help

she was a brunette and she looked like she was in her twenties she had freckles and green eyes.

me: hi I'm here to see chresanto August (I think that's his last name)

Nurse: yeah? who are you his sister (smiles)

I was shocked from what she said do I look like his sister. I mean really who does this bitch think she is.

Me: no I'm his fiancee (smiles)

nurse: ooh (grimace)

I ignore her cause I don't feel being given a sleeping dose.

nurse: he in room 305

me: thanks (smiles)

I walked up to the elevator and got on it  I turn around Kayla was standing looking dumb founded

Me: come on

Kayla: can't only family visit (smiles)

but go on.

I nodded and headed in the elevator  I push the number 3 button. I waited and waited until Ding! the elevator open. I started walking I seen people in wheel chairs and it's making feel funny. I saw 305 and I walked in it was quiet. I then wonder are they sure this  right one. I then saw him he  had bandage wrapped around his head. his  left eye was bruise and tears begin in  my eyes I hugged him.

me: I'm sorry....

doctor: ms. Jackson

me: um I'll be Mrs. August soon

he raised a brow

doctor: don't know house soon will come

me: (frown in confuse) why?

doctor: sorry ms. Jackson...but chresanto is in a comma

my eyes widen and I blacked out on the ground


what happen to rose why she blank out....and who did that to Roc

until next time



stay new :P

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