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Kise: /screenshot/ hihihi


Tenshi: Hello.

Kise: hehez

Kise: I'm glad that the staffs aren't angry with me anymore, even Aya-chii or Kayato-chii. Plus I was able to practice with Akashi-chii and the others, after next week, we will be playing against a school.

Kise: Thank so much. ♡ You deserve a million kisses and hugs from me. ♡


Tenshi: ew no

Tenshi: Oh. You know Aya-chan? I didn't know that ahaha. How is she? It's been a week since we haven't meet. You know, different schools.

Kise: Ayyyeeee she's been talking about you, it seems like an endless missing-you-rant from her and how-she-hates-these-different-school-that-keeps-your-friendship-away-rants!!

Tenshi: Ahaha


Kise: Tenshi-chiiii Can I ask a question?

Tenshi: You are asking me now. Duh

Kise: Ehhhhh

Tenshi: Say it.


Kise: I was just wondering...

Kise: if you experienced love before? Like have you fall in love with someone else?

Seen 8:31pm

Tenshi is typing...


Tenshi: why?

Kise: Ah, nothing. I just want to know more about you. Plus I'm planning to court you ahehehe

Tenshi: oh.

Tenshi is typing...


Kise: Ah, Tenshi-chii! I need to sleep noowwww Im so sorrryy asdfghjkl

Kise: You know, heavy schedule for today and for tomorrow. I needed to conserve my energy ahaha

Kise: Goodnight. :*

Kise Ryouta is now offline.


Tenshi: I didn't expect you to ask that.

Tenshi: Even if I don't want to remember such things, yes, I fall in love with someone else.

Tenshi: And as I fall in love, he didn't catch me.

Tenshi: Goodnight, Kise Ryouta.

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