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Okay this time I just want Harold everyone else out! Except for Ariana

H- Okay...

So Harold *Whispers in Ariana's ear*

A- No you can't call him that

Okay you teenage Bastard

A- I said no!


A- well it's to late now

Okay Harold happy?

A- very

We need to ask you a private question

H- Yes?

Would you have children with George? And this was specifically from Ariana

H- *glares and blushes*

A- Giggles

H- Maybe...

Yes or No?

H- *Blushing fifty shades of red X3*

*eyes widened*

A- *eyes widened*

*they both open their mouths*

In Japan


Japan dood-  それはFangirlの叫びですか?

In actual words- Sore wa Fangirl no sakebidesu ka?

Back in America

As Ariana and A.C stopped screaming they passed out

H- I think I'm deaf now...

*they wake up and remember and scream again then pass out*

H- Nevermind I heard that

Bye Fwends!

Word Count- 160

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