Part One

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Madhubala always went with her instincts, and her instincts were telling her to have nothing to do with this man. There is something seriously wrong with him, he seems distant and hesitant- in short he didn't look interested. He hardly spoke the one hour he was here, only replied if he was directly asked something that too in monosyllables. He didn't speak much when they were left alone by their elders to talk privately, if anything he seemed more uncomfortable. She was getting strong negative vibes from him, she felt like just getting up from there and leaving. But she had no choice other than to sit through this whole charade. After another excruciating seventeen minutes, his family said that they will get back to them with their reply soon but Madhubala already knew what the answer was going to be when she noticed him jumping up from his chair immediately. The moment his car left their compound her sister pounced on her "So what do you think?" "I don't know." Madhubala replied evasively. "Don't know? Does that mean it is a yes?" Trishna teased her. "He is so quiet." Madhubala said with a frown as she wondered why her family was smiling at her expectantly. "Aren't you the one who wanted a serious guy who spoke less?" Trishna asks confused. "Yeah! But this guy... he was too... I don't know. He didn't feel right." Madhubala says as she looked at her parents who were exchanging confused and upset looks at each other.  "He is a nice boy, Madhu. He is qualified, polite, well spoken, good family, and good looking too. Then what is the problem?" her mother asked her gently. "He didn't talk to me, he felt so uncomfortable."  Shamsher starts chuckling hearing her "That's because you are the first girl he is seeing, the first time people tend to be nervous and uncomfortable. You do remember how you were when you met Mukund right?" "I don't know, Papa!" Madhu says dejectedly as she hugged her father. "Why don't you sleep over it and tell me your decision in the morning?" Shamsher asks her as he hugged her lovingly. "Okay." Madhu replies and goes to her room followed by Trishna.

Madhu was lying on her bed as she flipped through the magazine distractedly as her mind was on the impending decision she was to make the next day. She hears the door opening softly and looks up to see her mother at the door. "Didn't sleep?" Padmini asked her. "No." Madhu replied. "Do you want to talk?" Padmini asked her daughter lovingly. "Did you like him?" Madhu asked her. "Yes." Padmini replies as she sits next to her daughter "I didn't see anything wrong with him. He is from such a rich and influential family still he is so down to earth. Whoever we asked, they all said that we will never find a guy better than him for you. Everybody has only good things to say about him. I know your problem is that he didn't talk much, it might have been because that he was nervous or that so many people were there." "I feel they will say no." Madhu tells her. "Why do you feel like that?" Padmini asks her shocked. "I don't know... he didn't seem interested." "Is it because of him not talking much?" "Yeah." Madhu said, not wanting to tell her about him jumping up from his chair so fast, making her feel that he wanted to leave quickly. "Anyway they will call tomorrow, that time we will see. And I felt that they all left very happily." Madhu couldn't help silently agree with her, he had looked just too happy to leave.  "I feel he is the perfect man for you." Madhu nods her head and then turning to look at Trishna who was sleeping next to her, she says "hmmm then there is Trishna also." "What?" Padmini asks confused. "Only after I get married can Trishna get married." "So? You will make compromises with your life?" Padmini asks her angrily. "No... I didn't mean it like that." "You better don't.  We want to see you two married, but not with someone you are not happy with. There is no hurry, Madhu. You take your time and make a decision." Padmini advised her. "I will, mama." Madhu promises her mother. Soon after kissing her daughter goodnight Padmini left the room. Madhubala went to bed thinking whether her parents were right and she was reading too much into the whole thing.

Next morning, Madhubala woke up to Trishna's screeching. "They said yes!" Trishna excitedly informed her. "WHAT?" Madhubala asks shocked. "YES! They said yes. And they asked about your opinion and Papa was feeling too embarrassed to tell them that you were still sleeping, so he told them that he will call back. So get up and come down fast." Madhubala was completely awake hearing the news, and she quickly got up from the bed and was about to rush out, when Trishna told her to brush her teeth at least. Madhubala ran to the bathroom as she tried to understand why he said yes. Later Madhubala came down to meet her parents and they were busy talking, seeing her they stopped talking and gestured her to come towards them. As she settled down next to them, Shamsher informed her about their reply. "Did you make a decision?" "Papa, you feel he is a nice guy right?" Madhubala asked her father. "It is not necessary what I think of him, Madhu. What you think of him is important." "For me, it is very important what my parents think of my husband." "Okay...we think he is very nice." Shamsher tells her. "Then it is a yes." Madhubala says smiling at her father. "But Madhu..." Padmini tries to talk to Madhubala, but Madhubala stops her "I know you both will never ask me to marry a guy you both were not sure of. And I feel he is good, just a little reserved and serious." "And Madhu finds serious guys sexy." Trishna chips in from behind Madhubala. Madhubala turns to Trishna angrily, while Trishna starts laughing. "I will kill you, Trishna!" "Then what will you do when I tell Papa and Mama that you also found him hot and handsome?" Trishna asks laughing while Madhubala turned completely pink, seeing her parents grinning at her Madhubala runs behind Trishna who was laughing loudly as she ran into their room.

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